Feb. 17th, 2009

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To my history nerd friends: Do you know of any good sources (primary or secondary) that relates the textiles and fashion after the Black Death (1348)? I'm particularly looking for stuff on how the Black Death influenced the textile/fashion industry, and I'd also like to find something on how all this affected women. My prof said she doesn't know much at all about this topic, had no suggestions for me and implied this wouldn't be the best topic ever for me to do. So, anyone have ideas? Or should I try to pick something else? (my outline is due Friday).

To my art geek friends: I'm putting together a portfolio to send to Heritage Park with my application to be a costume technician. They don't ask for one, but I figure it can't hurt, right? Anyway, I will be submitting it in a transclucent folder, which means the title page will be visible even when the folder is closed. What should my title page say? My name, obviously. But should it include anything else, like the word "portfolio"? Is there like, a standard format for these things? Should I include a description of each piece? Basically what I'm planning is to have the main picture of each piece on one side of the page, and then detail pics (if applicable) on the other side. I wasn't planning to add captions, but if this is a good idea I can. So help?


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