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Sigh. Finally finished my paper! And a whole day ahead of time. Go me. Next up: Short story for Englsih (which is almost done) and Analysis for Ren History.

Anyway, my brain is dead (damn, you, footnotes, damn you!) and I keep trying to capitalize everything so I'm going to eat chicken wings, strawberries and cookies and watch Xena.

Good day.

Oh, and re: transit strike: even if they vote to go on strike on Thursday, they can't actually start the strike for two weeks, and have to give a 72 hour warning. So that means I'll be able to get to all my classes and will just have a couple exams to worry about.

*Emo tear*

Feb. 15th, 2007 09:15 pm
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So. The copyright people have started to catch up with the person who uploaded all of the Xena episodes on youtube *cries* I'm only a quarter of the way through season 3! And it's really starting to get interesting. I guess if I wanted to spend my entire reading week watching it I could see most of it, but I really don't have the time. I have homework to do, symposiums to get drunk at, my girlfriend to snuggle. While squeeing over Xena and Gabrielle is fun, I'd much rather create my own subtext.

I am such a fangirl -_-*

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Bah. Latin. I think I'm starting to finally figure out what the hell is up with ablatives, but i stems? I don't know what to make of those. And I am so incredibly unmotivated today. I sewed (finished my top and skirt, and it just needs to be hemmed) and watched two episodes of Xena while knitting my sock.
I love that show, Xena. You know why I love that show? No? Then I'll tell you. In list form. Because I only just discovered numbered bullets on lj and I like them.

Except now the bullets aren't working so well for me sooooo: leather! Armour! Fighting! Femmeslash! Talking your way out of anything! Pretty horses! Leather! Faceless goons! Leather! Character complexity! Meaningful moments! Leather!



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