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You guys! You guys! I finally found a beginning for Yde & Olive! *flails* I knew I'd come up with something eventually.

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Done my tailcoat, basically. I just have to make the frogs and sew those on, which'll likely be an enormous pain in the ass and take forever. But I do have a coat that fits. Joy.

I also wrote about a third of a page of Yde & Olive, but I think I should've started it earlier, so I'll be doing that over, probably. Oh, sigh.
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That's right, for a whole two minutes I'll be up on stage reading stuff that I wrote! Oh, the excitment! So come to Craige Hall at 7 tonight. I think there'll be food. At least, that's what I've been telling people so if it turns out I'm wrong everyone's gonna be pissed at me.

In other news... um... hafta write an essay today. It's not due 'till Sunday night, but since I'm going to be drinking all weekend (Bermuda Shorts Day tomorrow and Gender Bender on Saturday) I'd best get this thing written now.

I am woman

Mar. 5th, 2007 10:09 pm
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I got everything done today that I needed to do. I think I even did well on my Religion midterm, although I can't say as much for my short story. I even had enough time for a short nap before class, but I ended up writing the beginning of a new short story called "I'm Fine." It's very sugar-rushish, with multiple points of view and a ftm trans person. I'm trying to write about how everyone, absolutely everyone, has a flurry of problems, not just people with screwed up families, not just people who are depressed. The lack of problems in one's life can, for some people, be a problem. I'm not writing a 'boo-hoo I'm trans and no one understands me' story. Its not people's problems with the trans person, it's the trans person's problems accepting the fact that they are accepted. When he comes out to his girlfriend she is generally ok with it, and he doesn't know what to do with that.

Those aren't the only problems, of course. There are many, many more *wicked grin.* I'm just trying to avoid clichés at all costs. But writing about an issue that has only recently his semi-mainstream culture makes it a bit easier to avoid clichés because they haven't developed yet. But seriously, someone shoot me if I ever even thinking about writing a story where one of the lesbians dies tragically. *shakes head* hopefully this one will be better. I'm also playing with the use of biblical names, but that might just be because there's a LOT of them floating around in my brain right now. And the story is going to be written almost entirely in a ranty monologue style, which is always fun. And by the end nothing will be resolved. Yay.
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Sigh. School = lame.

But swing was fun. I like Jonathan's girlfriend. She's nice, fun, takes my side :D At one point we were talking and she mentioned she had Jo's hoodie and blazer at her house and I was all "WTF? Who leaves clothes at other people's houses? What do they wear home? Oh, yeah, Janine, I meant to give you your pants back" it was great because I'd totally forgotten until that point that I did have Janine's pants because she lent them to me when we went to Fake Moustache because it was cold out.

Then we went swing dancing and it was like invasion of the n00bs. Ick. And Janine's learning to lead, I'm starting to get to the point where I actually can lead and it was a nice night.

I've also found one way of managing my angst which sorta seems to be working. When I start feeling so shitty I can't really do anything I just go to sleep for a while. Usually when I wake up I feel a little better. The problem is, I don't get a whole lot done while I'm asleep. Plus if I'm at school it's hard to find an empty couch. I've actually been seriously thinking about seeing a therapist again, but I'm still wishy washy on that count. I am going to try and get a massage appointment for next week, though.

Tomorrow Carolyn and I are going fabric shopping. I'm only there to take pictures so she can check with the person she's making a dress for, but still. It'll be nice to get out of the house. There's also going to be frantic studying for my religion midterm and frantic re-writing of my story for English. The whole thing is one big tell (as opposed to show) and I kinda knew that, even before Sade told me. But I'm kind of impressed with the fact that, under the circumstances, I was able to write anything that even remotely made sense. I don't usually do a lot of writing when I'm depressed. I've actually thought about telling my profs about said circumstances, but I don't really tihnk it would accomplish much. I'll still have to write exams and papers and stories, and I'm not the first one to be in a situation like this, so really I don't see much point.

So, yeah. I'm hanging on. I'd say as much as half the time I feel fairly normal, which is good. I'm looking forward to having lunch with Sade and Carolyn on Wendsday. I like it when people bring me food :P

I also have an idea for my final story. It's gonna be kinda Sugar Rushish, that is, a central, messed up character surrounded by other messed up characters who manages not to slit their own wrists at the end of the day. I'll probably change my mind a bunch of times, but once my current story is handed in I want to start on the next one, so there's none of this writing a story in a weekend crap again. I also should start my term paper -_-*
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I've decided that, at some point, I'm gonna write a book about pirates. Now, originally I thought it would be a fictionalized account of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. But I've done a bit of research and I think it might be more fun to have a 'based on a true story' type of deal where I take the idea of female pirates, bits and pieces of their life histories to help characterize them and explain how they became what they were and to loosely base the plot on, but leave the rest up to my imagination. The historian in me pleads that I don't rape history, whereas the writer in me thinks it'd be more interesting and fun.

I'm not sure which would be better. Making stuff up is always good because it requires less research. Plus it would be more original than just rehashing what happened with only minor bits of made up stuff to fill in the gaps. There're lots of books about Anne and Mary and I don't want to just add to the pile.

So, opinions please? What do you think would be more interesting as a reader?
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So, I was playing the sims and just getting started when I realized that my brother had stolen my girlfriend. WTF! So naturally I stole her back and seriously had to supress the urge to kill Jonathan's sim. Loser.

In other news: today I read the entire 'u' section in the dictionary.
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Things I got today:
- a wig
- a crop
- a pirate hat
- a vest
- leggings
- a black and purple rose
Today was fun. Janine and I lazed around last night and this morning, gothed up and went to Value Village. Janine got these huge wings and wore them all day and while we were in the toy store squealing over the new knights they had on display this guy comes over and was like "OMG you're wings are so fabulous! My friend is a designer, let me go get him" and then the guy's "friend" came over and they both squealed over Janine's wings and then they went away. It was awesome.
But I haven't done the goth thing in so long, I'd forgotten how much fun it is. And Janine makes the most adorable goth :D
Awesome, awesome day. I didn't find the boots that I wanted, but that's ok. I didn't really expect to and it was still so much fun. I'm really loving the not working on Sundays. And I'm looking forward to not working on Saturdays as well- it's only a couple more weeks. Anyway, I should go do something productive (ie: reading) although I'll actually end up lazing around and possibly writing hot lesbian fanfic. 
Either way, I'm gonna get going now.

yay! Abba!

Jun. 9th, 2006 08:55 pm
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Soooo, no swing this weekend so me 'n Janine are seeing Kinky boots. And you know what the best part is? It's at the plaza, and for students it's only $7. plus it's a lot more convienient to get to than Westhills.
In the bathroom at my aunt's house there's this little 'shower CD player and radio' so I put in OMWF and sang along with it. Loudly. It was great.
...And now it's nine o'clock. I should go to bed. Last night my cousin was playing the most annoying 'music' and I couldn't sleep so finally at half past midnight I went to his room and knocked on his door and... he was asleep. So I felt around in the dark and managed to turn the volume down so I could get some sleep.
I should be writing. I want to get five pages a day done, but I seem only to get two. I have been good about writing in the mornings though, but half an hour isn't enough time to get five pages done, so I either have to get up earlier or lower my standards, because I never have the energy to do much of anything in the evening. Except possibly get a snack, because I want something to munch on and am having a sweetness craving.
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Which really wasn't as bad as one might think. Antonio Bandaras was doing the hot spanish dancing thing, the girl from ANTM wth the micro braids from a season or two ago was doing the hot black girl booty shaking thing. There was even some really bad east coast in there! I have come to the conclusion that you have to be *really* good at east coast to make it look good. Like, better than you have to be to make lindy or charleston look good. So...
Take the Lead: ***
Characters: cliche
Plot: sorta original, I guess.
Dialogue: hard to follow, I'm not fluent in Ghettospeak.
Kinda like: Save the last Dance, but with more kids and a carrot-top with a fro.
And now I'm sitting here, very patiently, waiting for CNTM to start. I have two hours. Joy. I should get some writing done, but I don't wanna turn on Edgar. I'm using the family computer now- I get to see what macs are like (joy). I was practising Poly today and I've gotten a lot better. Which is wierd because I haven't practiced for days due to the rain. Oh well. Whatever. I think I may be able to ride by myself soon. which would be awesome. I tried to get Steven, my oldest male cousin to help me.
Me: wanna help me ride my unicycle?
St: no.
Me: all you have to do is walk beside-
St: no. *goes upstairs*
He's the one that looked at me like I had two heads when I first brought the thing in. He's also the one who was like "Why would you want one of those like I was carrying a jar labeled "The Plague" or something. The guy has no appreciation for doing stuff just for the sake of doing stuff. Silly boy. It's nice out and I'm sleepy. I have to go to work half an hour early tomorrow for a costume fitting. Which means I'll have to get up at the crack of dawn (7:30) to get there on time. And my tendonitis has decided to rear its ugly head again. grrr. Guess I'll go find something that doesn't need my hands to do. like read fanfiction. heh. yeah, I know, I swore it off. But the other night I really just wanted some fluff to read before bed. But it didn't make me angsty! It just gave me some... interesting ideas *evil grin*


May. 30th, 2006 11:39 am
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I've decided that one of the reasons why MoL is so boring is that there isn't enough incest in it.

*goes off to alter outline*



May. 19th, 2006 11:47 am
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I just finished writing a short story for Alberta Anothology and it hurts. It's so dark and cruel and where do ideas like this come from? On the plus side it's probably pretty much what their looking for. The guys at CBC are twisted bastards.
The story is basically Sophie's choice, except the choice is between the POV character's Mother and lover. And it's mean. So, so cruel and I'm still hurting over it. I really hope it wins, because I don't want to have written something like this for nothing.
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... and I really hope it turns out well. It's kinda funny looking O.o
OMG weekend = yay!
In other news, going to work to get my costume today. I'm looking forward to seeing it, although it'll probably be totally boring. I'm a school teacher from the nineteenth century for pete's sake, so I doubt it'll be much fun. But I will get a hat. One more training day on Saturday, then the weekend after that the park opens and I enter the workforce of people who actually make money! Yay! This is the first job I have where I'll actually be making minimum wage. Well, I'll be making 75 cents more than minimum wage. But last summer I was making approximately 98 cents an hour, so this is definitely an improvement.
So... I should get writing. The deadline for Alberta Anthology is coming up and I have something I may be able to enter, if it ends up being short enough. Which is likely. What's not likely is my winning, but entering is free so what the hell? Why not.
Also: I have come to the conclusion that I would never survive in the wild. Xena is a domesticated beast, like a budgy or a guinea pig. Please do not set her free, or she well be killed. Thank you.\
Yeah, I tripped over the sidewalk and fell flat on my face yesterday. Now I have a bit uggy scrape on my knee. And a couple on my ankle. Janine says it looks like something bit me. So if anyone asks that's what happened: the sidewalk jumped up and bit me.
On a related note, if I die at Heritage park my family gets $10 000. It's the same if I go blind. Going deaf, however, is only worth $6 667.


Apr. 30th, 2006 09:40 pm
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So I've gotten some writing done. I'm not sure about this project, I don't think it's working the way I want it to. I haven't been able to write it linearily, I did it in chunks. Now I have all of the important scenes written down, I just need to fill them in. But sometimes I'm drawing blanks. I just don't know what to write, which is unusual for me. Usually I know exactly what I want to say, it's the saying it part that's harder, so I don't know what's going on with this. I feel like this is important, and that might be it. I'm afraid of doing it badly, but instead of making me do it well I'm not really doing it much at all. 550 words and I've been working on this thing for a couple weeks. Hrm. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully this thing will reveal itself to me before my portfolio is due, because I think it could be really good. If I can write it, that is.

Ok, so,

Apr. 26th, 2006 05:32 pm
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I'm thinking I may take another stab at MoL 2 this summer. I was considering just abandoning the whole project, but I was re-reading the end of MoL and changing some things so the sequel will work and I realized that it really wasn't that bad. I still don't hate it even though I finished it what, a year ago? So maybe it'll be worth writing the sequel. Plus Valdeamir is love. Plus Leviyah is super cool. I really need to work on Ana though cuz she's totally getting overshadowed by minor characters.
And I think I'm giving up on my Voyager fic. It Simply Won't Work.
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Said by the teasing bus driver, because yesterday I had to go home and get my Anthro book, and then today I was on his bus again because I was going to the mall, but he thought I'd forgotten something again.

Something else of vauge interest happened today too, but I can't remember.

I got two calls for interviews today, so maybe I won't have to work at Co-op for the summer after all. One was from Heritage Park and I could be an interpreter or some kind. The other was from the City of Calgary for day camp leader. Blech. But they said wages started at $9/hr, and sincec I have quite a bit of experience I'm guessing I could probably get more. The Heritage park people didn't say what they'd pay me but I doubt it would be as much. Plus the camp job doesn't start until the end June, so that'd give me a month to piss around write. Or possibly get a job for May so I can take off to the cottage for the part of June that I'm not working for. Dunno. We'll have to see. But I'm gonna have to skip class on Monday to go to the Heritage interview, so it'd be nice if they were like "Hey, we'll give you $15/hr to wear a costume and educate people against their will talk about history. Canadian history. Woo hoo. Not.

So wish me luck.
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Ahhhhhh! Two weeks until exams!!!! 13 1/2 days!

I've got all my post-exam activities planned out too:
-Find a Job

I've got sooo many writing projects planned for after exams. Immediatly after exams I'm expanding into the Star Trek: Voyager fandom, as well as my first serious attempt at femmeslash (Seven + Janeway = OTP). I've been watching Voyager lately and there is some serious subtext going on there. I'm not kidding. Everyone keeps going on about their "Special Bond" and stuff. So it's totally canon. Yep.

Also planning to give [profile] lazyass_writers a firm kick in the ass, so that's another 300 words a day. And since my fanfics tend to turn into epics (the last one was over 22 000 words) I'll be writing at least 300 words a day, because I want to finish the thing by the end in April so I have time to participate in the Lusty Month of May challenge over at [community profile] pervy_werewolf. Wooo! A kinky smutfic a day for a month! My tendonitis is gonna get so pissed off at me by the end of this. But seriously, I need to get off my ass and write something. So what if most of it is fanfiction? I might find some interesting scenes to reuse for later.

And in the mean time I really have to get my Anthro paper done. Eurgh. Stupid nut people.
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Three hours.
Three pages.
That's it. One page an hour. Urrrrrg.
Plus there's my food for thought that's due tomorrow. And my Anthro paper.

Screw you, world! *runs around naked in protest*


Mar. 24th, 2006 01:10 pm
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Free coffee! Sweetness. I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when the coffee girl came and gave me a sample cup of iced cappichino. Mwaha. Because I really need caffine an hour before I go to class. Where I have to sit still and talk about Edgar Allen Poe.
Is it wierd to fangirl someone whose been dead for, like, a hundred years? Probably.
Song still stuck in my head. joy of joys. oh well. I haven't gotten completely tired of it yet.
Oh, and I've also decided to tell my mom I'm not as straight as she previously thought. But only if the topic comes up in conversation. Uh-huh *nods*
So, here's my day today:
2:00-3:00pm Humanities, talking 'bout Poe. (Shoulda brought my action figure! Damn!)
3:00- 3:15? Doctor, to check if my thrush is gone yet.
3:15?-4:15? Pick up hold from the library, get blood drawn.
5ish- go to Sade's and teach her how to make pita pizzas. Get back home in time for quality time with mom before Jo gets back from work.

Hrm. Also need to figure out how to get to Rosemont, and how early I have to get up in order to make it there by 9 tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll just wake Jo up early and make him drive me. Because he'd really appreciate that.

Yay! Swing!

I should work on one of my many essays now, but I kinda don't want to. Sunday afternoon. I WILL get my English re-write done. And hopefully start my final Humanities essay. Because I don't have to read anything new for either of them. I've also got to decide what to write about for my English essay and finish the ethnography for Anthropology so I can write about that too. Crap, I forgot to do my 300 words, but there's not enough time now. Oh well.

But I can do it! Because I have Edgar back!

I probably shouldn't mention to my hum class I named my laptop after Poe. They might think I'm wierd.

Then again I did tell them I'd memorized the Raven, and that my version we slightly different from the one Prof. M handed out.

Oh, and Janine, Sade decided we should go out on a date. She suggested mini-golf. Apparently her and Josh never do anything and she wants to live through us. Although I think mini-golf is stupid. What do you think?

Yay for long journal entries!

Y'know, according to the posters in the doctor's office a symptom of excessive anxiety is over reacting when startled. But I always do. When the coffee girl gave me coffee I practically jumped out of my chair. But I don't think I'm particulairly anxious. Not being able to hold still is, apparently, another symptom. But again, I'm pretty sure I'm not anxious. Bipolar, maybe, ADD almost definitely. I hope my thrush has gone away. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.

AGH! what'm I gonna wear to the workshop????

Oh, and now I'm all excited about trying out for Canada's next top Model next season. I seriously doubt I'll get in, but it would be super-fun.

Hrm. I wonder if I'll have enough time to do my nails tonight? I feel like going borderline goth. Or at least wear darker colors than normal. Maybe. Fishnets? That'd be fun. Hrm. It's foggy out again. I like it, it makes the world feel more magical.


Mar. 19th, 2006 05:52 pm
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Sade, seriously. Next year we're going swing dancing.

In other news, I have re-discovered the joy of writing stuff by hand. I'd forgotten how much easier it is to connect. A pen and notebook is so much more personal than a keybord and monitor. I was writing for a really long time today. It wasn't really anything- sort of one of those thought-thingies, can't remember the term at the moment. But you just go on and on and write about whatever you're thinking and feeling. It's always good to get in touch with what's going on in my mind. I also found an angry letter in my notebook that I'd never sent. It was to this girl I worked with for a week at camp who was a complete *%@#($&)@($&%*(@&)#*&$#@. That letter was the one and only time I've ever called someone a c*nt. Which I consider extrodinairly rude, but she was extrodinairly rude. It was actually kind of fun reading it over again. Heh. So glad I never have to see her again.

Also, I've had a tATu song stuck in my head for the last few days. Sigh. Which has now resulted in me putting a hold on one of their CDs at the library. Oh well. I need something to do to amuse myself when I'm procrasinating.


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