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 Things in my head (which each deserve a post of their own but I'm tired and short on time)

1. Had schmoopy, silly fun time with Austin today: we played in the park, went wading, had ice cream and sat on the edge of a fishpond and were all sweet and romantic and generally disgusting :P. I had forgotten how much fun that was, and how important it is. It's not the sort of thing that you can schedule, but I hope I can find a way to encourage it to happen more often. Time like this is why I fell in love with him in the first place.

2. The genital mutilation and subsequent molestation of little girls really, really infuriates me. I wrote an angry letter, but I don't really know what else to do. 

3. I saw a thing in McLeans or Time Magazine or something about an anti-rape device a woman can wear in her vagina. It's like a barbed thingie that stabs into a guy's junk, and can only be removed in a hospital. I don't know very much about this thing, so forgive me if I say anything stupid or wrong.  Anyway, at first I thought this was a pretty good idea, but the more I thought about it, the less sure I was. I believe these things are meant to be distributed in areas with really high rates of rape, like parts of Africa. But if word gets out that women are wearing these things, I kinda doubt dudes will stop raping. I think it's likely they'll just take to anally raping their victims, which (from what I know) would be more physically damaging than vaginal rape, and, I assume, more painful. Also, a higher risk of transmitting STIs, which from my understanding are also incredibly rampant in that part of the world. I dunno. Maybe there's some culture taboo against buttsex that even rapists will follow, but I tend to doubt it. 

6. I think the indigenous studies class I'm doing notes for is very interesting, but I have a few problems with the prof. I don't think it's appropriate in an academic establishment to expect or even encourage students to smudge themselves (which is considered sacred and cleansing and stuff, and is an important part of Native American spirituality). I don't think the prof should say things like "Spirits ARE real. Psychics ARE real" and imply that her religious beliefs are true, while other belief systems (ie: Christianity) are false. I don't think guest speakers should be allowed to smoke a cigarette in an enclosed space where the class is being held (it was in a tipi, he didn't light up in a classroom). I think the prof should respect other people's schedules and not go overtime, especially with no prior warning when we're an hour away from the city.

That's all I can really think of. Feel free to challenge me on any of these points, especially because I don't know much about most of them, and #6 is mostly just my opinion (#1 is not up for debate, though :P). I'm making this post public on the off chance random people want to chime in on any of these issues.
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To my history nerd friends: Do you know of any good sources (primary or secondary) that relates the textiles and fashion after the Black Death (1348)? I'm particularly looking for stuff on how the Black Death influenced the textile/fashion industry, and I'd also like to find something on how all this affected women. My prof said she doesn't know much at all about this topic, had no suggestions for me and implied this wouldn't be the best topic ever for me to do. So, anyone have ideas? Or should I try to pick something else? (my outline is due Friday).

To my art geek friends: I'm putting together a portfolio to send to Heritage Park with my application to be a costume technician. They don't ask for one, but I figure it can't hurt, right? Anyway, I will be submitting it in a transclucent folder, which means the title page will be visible even when the folder is closed. What should my title page say? My name, obviously. But should it include anything else, like the word "portfolio"? Is there like, a standard format for these things? Should I include a description of each piece? Basically what I'm planning is to have the main picture of each piece on one side of the page, and then detail pics (if applicable) on the other side. I wasn't planning to add captions, but if this is a good idea I can. So help?
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Going camping. Again. Be back Saturday.
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Going camping with work again. Be back Saturday night.
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Work stuff again. Ignore unless you're Marlies.

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This is for work, because my email ate it last time I tried to save it. Please ignore (unless you are Marlies)

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Two people came into my store today. Then it started hailing fifteen minutes before my shift was over. Then I scurried to the bus stop in the pouring rain and came home.

Also, my brother and I have decided that to become a doctor in Startrekland you only need, like, a six week course where they give you a tricorder and teach you how to turn on a flashlight and where to point it. Therefore Startrekland doctors are low paid lackies who everyone makes fun of-- the equivalent of English majors. This would be why Bones was so frustrated all the time.
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It's almost one in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Blarg.

I looked up all the text books I need, and tomorrow I'm going to the university to get my new bus pass sticker thingie and buy books (hopefully the stores will be open *crosses fingers*)

Um. What else? I've decided that as long as I'm not going to be sleeping I might as well try and do something useful, hence research ect.

I'm also taking commissions for knitting projects. There are a bunch of pictures of some recent things I've made behind the cut, along with descriptions and explanations. I designed almost everything (exceptions will be noted) and created the patterns from scratch, some of them from photographs.

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It's dark, cold, rainy and miserable. So, naturally I decided to blow a buck on candy, but lo! Hilary, my favourite candy girl, was working today. Now, Hilary is a sweetheart, even though she doesn't seem to be all there. See, when I say I want one gummy worm she will often give me two, three... a handful. Mwahhahaha.

Oh. And I'm done my computer work. It's all grooming from here on out. Joy.

Mmmm. Candy *chomp*
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Was going to spend the night at my dad's with Jasper, but alas, he is still sick. So I came home and made Jo drive me to the computer store.  My new baby's named is Mary, and she's a Gateway something or other. After a bit of initial trouble she's now up and running smoothly. I have yet to move all of my files onto her. I'm tired though, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Also, in anticipation for the night that didn't happen I got a couple cheese buns and cinnamon buns from the bakery at work. Now, I love pastry just as much as the next person, but there's no way I can eat all four by myself, so if anyone wants one they can come and get one. I'll probably be at home all day tomorrow fooling around with Mary and sewing the frogs for my tailcoat, because it's about time I got that bloody thing finished.

So, yes. New computer = yay. It's shiny and new, and I like it, even if Vista is kinda weird. But I'll get used to it.
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So, yesterday I hurt my back whilst crawling around on the floor at work. Today it was still pretty sore so I went to a chiropractor on my way home from work and found out that I have not only sprained my rib, but I also have that curved spine thing that I can never remember how to pronounce. There's other stuff wrong with me, but basically my back is completely fucked. But since it happened at work I can (read: have to) make a worker's comp. claim, which means I won't have to pay for it.

So, yeah, going back to the chiropractor tomorrow morning.

But it's not all bad. There are perks at work, like finding hidden treasures such as

and a

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You know, I thought the zombie apocolypse would be a lot more disruptful that it actually is. Sure, the rotting, undead farmers are a little irritating (and if you think MY work over-alls are ugly, hooo boy) but no more so than the hoards of screaming children. Plus the zombies are having trouble with the stairs, so most of the buildings are safe. They keep scaring the livestock though-- the agricultural staff had to chase them out of the paddocks because they were pissing off the horses. Weren't fast enough to catch any, of course, but no one likes cranky horses.

They don't seem to be too concerned about eating brains, though. It looks more like they just want to plant the fields and milk the cow.

Oh, and the mounted heads of various trophy animals keep grabbing people's hats. I've heard four guests complaining about it already, and demanding re-imbersment.
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Ok, I've joined the herd and now have facebook.

Now what?

Oh, and my knee of terrible bruisedness? Yeah, now has a mosqueto bite on it. And both knees are sunburned-- only the knees though -_-*

Did I mention I don't want to go to work this morning?
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1. Work

Still liking my job. I did inventory today, as well as put the textiles that were in storage into exhibits. Tomorrow I get to debug the windows. Joy. And one of the girls I work with, P, is starting to irritate me. When we're in the exhibts she'll like, play with stuff. The old stuff. She was actually fanning herself with this really old fan, which was broken and I told her to knock it off and she didn't seem to think that playing with broken old stuff was really a problem. Grah. M really isn't that impressed either (M has a minor in museum and heritage studies, while P has her first year in polisci). So... yes. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. I'm getting my costume fitted a week from tomorrow, so that should be interesting.

2. Mother's day

My aunt had this big barbeque and I ended up dragging [profile] happy_fish_87 with me. It wasn't bad. We hid in empty rooms and chatted, and had a game of tag in the back yard. This little two-year-old girl joined in, except she really didn't seem to understand the rules. So while the Fish and I were charging around, chasing each other in circles (it wasn't a particularly large back yard) we looked up and saw my mom, aunt and a few other women staring out the window at us, watching us run around like fools. In the rain. Oh yes.

Then I gave my mom her boob:

When I gave the boob to my mom it reminded my aunt of the gift she'd gotten me a while ago and it turned out to be Yak wool! What can be cooler than Yak wool? It's for spinning, and I've heard stuff made from yak wool is super, super warm. The thing is, since the stuff she got me is 100% yak it doesn't actually work for spinning, so I need to figure out how to process it in order to actually use it. But I want to finish spinning the wool I already have anyway, just to finish one project at a time, and also to get more practice before using the really delux stuff.

So that is basically my weekend. Um. I should work on making something. Like the tailcoat I've been sewing since February, or the mate to the rainbow sock I finished a while ago. Or my spinning. Or my rope. But my hands are kinda cold. Plus I'm almost done reading my book (Tipping the Velvet) and I'm really afraid it'll have a fairy-tale ending. It's definitely heading in that direction, and for once I don't want the protagonist to live happily ever after. I don't think she deserves it, and I don't think she would appreciate it much either. But that's my opinion. I'll have to see where it actually goes. Good book. You should read it.


May. 10th, 2007 10:16 am
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I just got a call from the curator at Heritage Park and she wants to see me for an interview today! W00t! She also asked me if I would be able to start working right away and I said yes. Heehee! *does the happy dance* I know the job isn't actually mine yet, but I'm pretty confident. The fact that she called me back like, a day or two after I emailed my resumé has to be a good sign, right? She also asked me about transportation issues and I said I'd be taking the bus, but added I did have alternatives (ie: my aunt) that would allow me to continue working if the buses went on strike.

So, yeah, working all the way out at Heritage Park would suck again, especially if the buses went on strike but, oh! The experience would be wonderful, even if I hate the job and everything about it.

To do

May. 6th, 2007 11:38 am
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This is mostly so I don't end up just sitting in front of the computer all day.

- ride Poly (for at least half an hour, if possible)
- sew
- go job hunting some more
- finish my sock, maybe start the second one.
- wash my hair (preferrably before the job hunt ;))

That should keep me busy.
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Ok, self, let's try to remember to do everything on the list, shall we?

  1. Go to job interview. Make excellent impression
    1. remember to speak slowly and clearly so the accenty-Asian person interviewing me will know what I'm talking about, but throw in a few big words to impress her.
  2. Go to Shopper's and buy hair dye and hair spray
  3. Go to Love Stop on the way home and harass them for a job.
  4. Go home. Dye hair.
  5. Wait for hair to dry. Re-dye if patchy.
  6. Primp.
  7. Remember to bring dance shoes to Fake Moustache.

Fake Moustache tonight! I woke up with knots in my stomach, but I'm good now. Hopefully the rain will stop this evening so my hair doesn't get wrecked in transit. Maybe I should take my curling iron just in case. Or put a quick-cover or something over my head to keep the rain off. Yeah, that's classy.
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So. I was trying to plan which courses to take next year and they're hardly offering anything that I want/need to take OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!11! So I'm just going to keep telling myself they haven't finished updating the new calendar yet so I don't freak out. Is it too much to ask to want to finish a BA in four years? I didn't think so.

Buuuuut, on the bright side, I slept over at Janine's last night, but roomie was there >:(. Still good, though. We started sketching out the routine we're gonna do for Fake Moustache, then today we went shopping and Janine got a suit and shoes. We are gonna be SO FREAKING FABULOUS. So you'd all better come and cheer us on! We're not actually telling anyone at swing about it, because they wouldn't be very impressed with our dancing. People who don't dance, on the other hand, will probably think we're totally made of awesome. And I get to pull on Janine's tie! Yay! I just wish I could dance in high heels, then it would be perfect. But Janine says I'm not allowed to break my ankle, so I probably won't.

In other news: OMG finals! I should be studying, but I got distracted looking at courses for next year. Then again, if I don't pass my finals there will be no next year, so I should really get on that studying thing.

Also: my nail polish is fantastic.

And Love Stop still hasn't called me back.

Oh, and my mom is leaving to go to Manitoba tomorrow and isn't gonna be back for a week. But no parties! I have too much studying to do :(
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I feel all wierd and anxious, and I don't really know why. I'm probably worried about my exam results-- I have my marks from Anthropology and it's a C-, which isn't exactly encouraging. I'm afraid I'll have simular marks in my other courses. I'm afraid I'll flunk out of school. I'm afraid I'll have to tell my mom that I flunked out of school. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I worked harder this year than I did last year, but my grades are much worse.
I talked to Tessa today and cleaned. I dyed my hair. In a couple hours I'll be leaving for work and I still feel... unhappy. I shouldn't feel like this. I'm done for this semester, for better or worse I'm done. I should be happily lounging around watching youtube, knitting socks and being carefree. Sigh.
Midwinter cult meeting tomorrow. Looking forward to it, should be fun. Then seeing my English prof on Monday. Not looking forward to it. Not fun.
Oh, and the swanky swing event is a no-go. Hopefully there're still tickets left for Rocky Horror.
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So. Studying. The joy. Also burning a bunch of CDs because I might be getting my hard drive reformated and I don't want to lose all the musica I ripped from library Cds. Joy.

Oh, and my boss just emailed me. Apparently complaining to me about the way I teach lessons wasn't enough for one of the parents, but she had to do it to my boss too. Fine then. I won't teach your kid spins if it spazzes you out that much. Then again she also mentioned at one point they would be continuing lessons in the new years and she seemed to be under the impression that I would be teaching them.
But seriouisly, what the f*ck is her problem? The kid is like, six years old. He gets bored. I need to teach him to do fun stuff. And now my boss probably thinks I'm stupid. Whatever. I'm not the one who subscribes to normative social ideals which prevents my child from learning how to skate properly. Why don't you teach your kid to skate if you're so damn smart? I feel sorry for that kid, I really do.

But the Great Bowling Double Date is this weekend! yay. I should call my dad. Still have to find something to get Tessa, besides what I have for her. I should also wrap presents today.


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