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As the title implies, there will be a great deal of ranting in this post, but first a question for my non-Calgarian friends:

Do you ever get thunder storms and really bright sunshine at the same time? Like, pounding rain, thunder and lightening, but at the same time crisp, clear shadows and bright sunlight? Is this something that happens everywhere or is it a local phenomenon?

Onto the rant:
This morning I felt tired and lazy so I took the bus to work instead of biking. This went fine until I tried to come home after work. After a few minutes of waiting for the bus it started raining (one of those strange sunny thunderstorms), and I was thinking 'wow, taking the bus was the right decision! I'm glad I don't have to bike in this.' 45 minutes later I was somewhat less impressed with my decision. The bus I take is suppose to come every twenty minutes, and it had stopped raining shortly after I got to the stop. So if I had ridden my bike I would have been able to make it home at a reasonable time, even if I had decided to wait out the rain before starting. Anyway, after 45 minutes of waiting for my bus I asked the driver of a different bus if he knew why mine was so late. He said that he was on the same radio channel as my bus, but hadn't heard anything and said it might be traffic.

Um, no. That bus is sometimes 20 minutes late, in the dead of winter with two feet of snow at rush hour. So then I decided I was too pissed off with waiting for my bus and I decided to take the scenic rout home. This involved taking a bus that meandered its was from the university to Kensington to downtown to Bridgeland. When I got off the bus to transfer to the one that would bring me the rest of the way home I was faced with a dilemma: it was once again pouring rain (and I was wearing my pink coat, which is both velvet and vintage, so getting it wet is a big no-no, and I was stupidly without an umbrella) and the bus shelter was currently occupied by three homeless people. One guy was just sitting there, totally drunk off his ass and probably high. No biggie. The other two were furiously making out in the corner, moaning and groping and moments away from having sex.

I decided that witnessing the creation of new life was preferable to ruining my pink coat, so I squeezed into the shelter. Drunk Guy made a half-hearted, incoherent pass at me until he started muttering and ignored me. Not long after this a long-haired, bearded hippy guy joined us in the rather crowded shelter. He apologized for standing so close to me, then started chatting with Drunk Guy. Then another guy showed up, standing just inside the shelter and looking very uncomfortable. It only took a couple minutes for my bus to show up, and Uncomfortable Guy went outside to meet it, clearly preferring the rain to the magic that was happening within. Hippy Guy and I left when the bus was actually at the stop, leaving the Homeless Trio to their own devices.

I then politely asked the driver to drop me off on 15th ave, where I live, even though there wasn't a stop there. He told me he had a stop on 14th ave. I said I knew this, but would really appreciate being dropped off on 15th, to which he replied "it's only one block." Apparently he has never had to walk anywhere in the rain.

So I got off on 14th ave and plodded along in the pouring rain, praying that I wouldn't get splashed with muddy water as cars zipped past. Fortunately they were considerate enough to go around the huge puddles rather than through them. By this point my $10 plastic flip-flops were totally wet and incredibly slippery. I tried to run home, but my shoes kept falling off my feet so I had to walk. When I got onto my block I gave up, took off the flip flops and ran home barefoot, splashing through puddles that would probably test positive for HIV and God knows what else.

I finally got home after a commute that took two hours when it should only have taken twenty minutes. My mom and I proceeded to watch Sex and the City reruns and eat ice cream.

The end.
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Yay! I finally got around to making a pattern for wrap pants. I'll probably sew them tonight while watching ANTM.

In other news, last night I had a couple dreams. In one I was really flexible, and I was just laying on my stomach and pulled my leg up behind me and rested my head on my foot. It was cool. The second dream was somewhat less so >.> yeah, I kinda made out with Sade. *runs* *hides* IN MY DEFENSE DREAM!ME WAS THINKING ABOUT JANINE THE WHOLE TIME! I SWEAR! AND I TOTALLY DON'T THINK ABOUT SADE THAT WAY. *buries head in sand*
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So. Youtube has seriously been cracking down with the whole copyright thing. I don't blame them, I mean, I'm all for people making money off of their work. But when I go to check my subscription list and over half of the accounts I watch have been deleted, well, I guess I'm a little dissapointed. Especially with things like Sugar Rush and random indie movies that I can't rent or aren't marketed for North Americans with region 1 dvd players.

It makes me sad. I understand why they're doing it, but it still makes me sad.

Oh, and I did take some pictures at the symposium, I may get them up eventually, but I fell asleep befor the orgy. Sigh.

Oh, and my mom got her biopsy today, so we should know in a couple weeks *fingers crossed*
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I'm not going on the Rome trip after all-- too expensive. So Sade and I decided we'd go together after we finished our BAs.

My friend's dad has flesheating disease. Words can not describe how bad that sucks. I feel bad for him, but worse for Stephany.  He's been in intensive care for a few days and hasn't really gotten any better or worse. Poor guy. When I die I hope it's from something normal, preferrably being hit by a car and killed instantly. None of this long, drawn-out suffering crap.

I think I still have school stuff mostly under control. One of my two classes was cancelled today, which is ok but not great. So I'll be coming home for supper instead of hanging around at school.

Blood and chocolat on Thursday, still very excited about that! It's also the day that Janine's brother is leaving to go study in Australia, so party at Janine's on Friday! (no, you're not invited :p). And a week from Thursday is Fake Moustach, which I am so totally stoked for, then on Saturday it's swing and my birthday. I'm turning 20 ahhhhhhhh! At least I don't have grey hairs yet :P

Anyway, should get on that reading thing.
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A lot ot things rocked really hard today. My midterm wasn't one of them BUT
  1. Sex with Sue:
    1. Very educational, but fun. And am I the only one who didn't know you could put a condom on with your mouth?
    2. Nabbed some free condoms for my brother, although he didn't really seem to apreciate them.
  2. Swing at the Den:
    1. Talked to the-guy-who-really-sucks- at-dancing-even-though-he's-been-doing-it-for- as-long-as-I-have-and-takes- lessons-and-goes-to-all-the-dances about RHPS
    2. talked to British Guy (Malcom?) about "Spiffy" and it's origins.
    3. Told them both Janine (whose name the-guy-who-really-sucks-at- dancing-even-though-he's-been-doing-it-f or-as-long-as-I-have-and-takes-lessons-and- goes-to-all-the-dances always pronounces as "Jeanie") and I saw Sex with Sue, probably outing us, but it's not like anyone cares (see point 2.4.2 and 2.5)
    4. The styling competition
      1.  which I wasn't intending to enter because I don't have any moves, but then did anyway.
      2. Robert followed and did the shaky-finger 'no' thing, the striaghten your legs, stand on your heels and stick your butt out thing, and was generally being the biggest homosexual in the world
      3. The prizes (ie: chocolat bars) were not based on dancing ability. A woman I don't really know but do recognize won a prize because she fell, then Rob (not Robert) said "I think Caroline should win a prize for her fishnet stockings" so I got one, then they gave one to this other girl whose name I also don't know but she's really good for the expression on her face. Then they threw smaller chocolat treats to the crowd and I think pretty much everyone got one.
    5. I saw Chuck feed Robert a piece of chocolat
    6. I'm now a little buzzed. Off one cooler. I'm such a cheap drunk.
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Work: normal
Janine: fabulous
drag show: excellent
RHPS: fun as always

work: sucked
supper: two cupcakes, some chips and ranch dip and a root beer.
Bed time: nine thirty
Aunt, uncle and cousins: back

Work: normal
Stuff: packed up and moved to home #1
Cheesecake café: Yummy, but now I'm full
Guy trying to sell us pot on the side of the road: always good for a laugh

Hooker boots, baby!
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Life is so shiny right now.
One day until swing, RHPS and some submarine watching (Gods, I've missed that) -_-*
Three days until I am no longer working full time
I got into the (rather competitive) creative writing course that I wanted
It only took me half an hour to put in pin curls


And this morning some jerk called the house at six fourty-five this morning! WTF? It was some friend of my aunt's whose in town for a bit, and they already left a message earlier but felt the need to get me out of bed to ask me if Heather hand gone to work yet. Obviously they're not very close friends or they would know she hasn't worked since she started having kids OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO! Who the HELL calls ANYONE that early in the morning, unless they were given strict instructions to do so or it was an emergency? People suck.
Well, people suck except for my people. They're ok. When the apocolypse comes they will be spared. And possibly given love slaves and monkey servants (and no, the love slaves will not also be the monkey servants).
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Kenny just called and I'm going to Con! Yesyesyesyesyes. *dances*
And I still am finding black fuzz everywhere *evil grin* who came up with the concept of fuzzy handcuffs anyway? 
I talked to Tess and Mik and they say they'll both make the HDEC campout. I need to double check with Sade and Janine, but they don't start work 'till fairly late in the day so I'm not anticipating problems there.
Oh, and I watched the fourth episode of Firefly today and am starting to feel the love. It didn't hook me right away, mostly because I don't usually like shows set on spacecrafts that much. But after watching epidose four... oh the symbolism! Oh the social commentary! And the plot twist actually took me by surprise. Anyway, my cousin is letting me borrow his dvds to take home during my days off. I don't have any errands that need to be run (other than to the post office which is only a block away from my house so I think I can manage it) so I can safely hole up on the couch and probably get the whole thing done. That's how I watched most of Buffy the first time 'round. I think I still like Buffy more than Firefly. There is more outright sillyness. Plus the musical episode. And Willow and the mechanic chick are basically the same character.
ANYWHO I'm happy *give flowers to small children* Now I kind of want to come back on Tuesday so I can go give Kenny a cookie. I probably won't, but I'll find out where he's working on Tuesday and if it's Midnapore I can leave him something in the booth. Maybe not a cookie, though. Don't want to attract mice or anything.
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I think I mentioned a while ago that my dad's car broke down. Well, he called the other night to give me an update (during the season finale of CNTM. Geeze, some people...) and the car is dead. He'd trying to get a new one in time for his summer trip but he's not sure if he's going to be able to go or not. Good thing I didn't try to get the time off or anything. Anyway, then he was saying that the house would be empty and I could use it if I wanted to- "to watch tv or something" just as long as I changed the sheets before I left >.< I thought parents were suppose to discourage that sort of thing! Whatever. Everyone's going out of town. My aunt, uncle and two of my cousins are leaving for a couple weeks and the other two are like never here anyway.
Sigh. So don't want to go to work today. Ah, well, hopefully this time I won't have to leave in the middle of the day. Bah. That was embarassing.
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God made this film
I felt like I ought to share.
So... life. Living. Ect. 
I'm halfway through Exodus, giving up on Shadowmancer and I don't even think about Pride and Prejudice anymore.
I *finally* saw the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I like the new one better, then again I'm a shameless Jonny Depp fangirl.
Work is getting to me more like work and less like play.
Play outside of work is getting fun though.
Haven't ridden Poly since my spectacular tumble. I'm thinking I'll wait till I heal some more in case I fall off again.
I sneezed a lot today.
The end.
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I was stalking his blog and he mentioned something about a party he went to which what the 'best night ever' so naturally I pestered him until he told me what was up with that.
My dad took him to his cast and crew party (who takes their kids to an adult party???) where there was a hot tub. And nakedness. And naked women making out. Jonathan was like 'ooooh, yeah!' to which I responded 'I always thought it was more fun to actually participate in drunken, naked making out.' and he replied 'well, yeah, but watching is pretty awesome too.'
Then he went on to explain his theory on why two girls making out is so hot. It goes thusly:
women= hot
men= not so hot
woman+man= kinda hot
Woman+woman= super hot
I guess it's a sound theory. But I'd still rather do than watch.
Dancing tonight!
And fabric shopping!
Too bad all of my shoes suitable for dancing are at my aunt's. Oh well. It's on pavement anyway.


Jun. 29th, 2006 07:22 pm
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Next weekend (July 7-9) is gonna be sooo busy, but sooo awesome! We're going to go see Pirates of the Carribean 2, and it's turned into one of those events where it starts out with two people and turns into the whole world, like Return of the King when I was in grade 11. Except this time it's with people who I mostly actually know. It started out with me and Janine, then I invited Sade, who said she'd probably bring Roseanne. Then I remembered that Tessa is coming home tomorrow (!!!!!!!) so she'll be in town for it and Micheala did the most unexpected and emailed me today, so hopefully she'll be there as well. Yay! All my friends in one place! That hasn't happened in years, I don't think.
Anyway, that's Friday. I think there's a dance Saturday night, then Sunday morning Janine and I might be taking Sade to the stampede, although if Sade can't go then we won't bother. Although I still do want some of those little donuts. Those things rock. Maybe I'll just go by myself on one of my days off. Mmmm. Mini donuts.
So the weekend will be awesome but the week leading up to it slightly less so because I'm working an extra hour on Canada day because the park is open later than usual. I'm also working on Tuesday this week because Shanna wants the day off and it's not like I really do anything during my days off anyway and I've been wanting to pick up an extra day or two.
But I'm so excited! Life is fabulous!
Oh, and Collin II asked me if I wanted to "do something some time" And I was like "uh, ok, but I have a boy*cough*friend so if that's what you're getting at..." and then he got all embarassed and oh, the back paddling :D. Then later we were talking about halloween and he made some comment about how my boyfriend must appreciate seeing me in the hooker boots. Eh. I really kind of wish I could just tell people the truth, but I don't particulairly want to deal with the people who won't like it. And I'd really rather not come out at work. There are a lot of very old and somewhat crotchety people there and I don't need all those dissaproving glares.
Speaking of my "boy*cough*friend" I got the sweetest letter from her today! *hugs it* it's our five month lunarversary next week! Yet another thing to be excited about! Ahahahaha! Life rocks!
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Haven't done this in a while. So... haven't been fired yet, haven't been dumped yet, haven't been kicked out yet. Life is good. My mom and I are going to The Lakehouse tomorrow because we've got free movie cupons that expire this weekend. Uhm, not a lot else to report. Janine's going away for a week *tear* and I've spent most of the day playing computer games.
Oh, and went to the doctor. That was exciting. I now know exactly how much I weight, how tall I am and all that jazz. I'm healthy. Woo-hoo! And sleepy. And I should probably brush my hair.
Oh, and I've started playing the Sims again. I built one of the houses at Heritage Park- the one I would really like to live in (The Sandstone House, for anyone who's Heritage Park savvy) and that's always fun. I built it in the neighbourhood with the aliens.  Those too are always fun. Now I'm having withdrawl because I'm at my mom's and the game is at my aunt's. 
And I can ride Poly for almost ten feet without falling off! I'm running out of room on the patio where I usually practise. Soon I'll have to start going on the sidewalk or something. I should probably learn how to get on by myself without holding onto something. Happy happy joy joy.


Jun. 5th, 2006 09:15 pm
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Today = suprisingly good for Midnapore
Weekend = Fabulous
My weekend = just starting. Sleeeeeeeep... zzzzz....
Cheesecake = yummy
Xena = sleepy.
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Which really wasn't as bad as one might think. Antonio Bandaras was doing the hot spanish dancing thing, the girl from ANTM wth the micro braids from a season or two ago was doing the hot black girl booty shaking thing. There was even some really bad east coast in there! I have come to the conclusion that you have to be *really* good at east coast to make it look good. Like, better than you have to be to make lindy or charleston look good. So...
Take the Lead: ***
Characters: cliche
Plot: sorta original, I guess.
Dialogue: hard to follow, I'm not fluent in Ghettospeak.
Kinda like: Save the last Dance, but with more kids and a carrot-top with a fro.
And now I'm sitting here, very patiently, waiting for CNTM to start. I have two hours. Joy. I should get some writing done, but I don't wanna turn on Edgar. I'm using the family computer now- I get to see what macs are like (joy). I was practising Poly today and I've gotten a lot better. Which is wierd because I haven't practiced for days due to the rain. Oh well. Whatever. I think I may be able to ride by myself soon. which would be awesome. I tried to get Steven, my oldest male cousin to help me.
Me: wanna help me ride my unicycle?
St: no.
Me: all you have to do is walk beside-
St: no. *goes upstairs*
He's the one that looked at me like I had two heads when I first brought the thing in. He's also the one who was like "Why would you want one of those like I was carrying a jar labeled "The Plague" or something. The guy has no appreciation for doing stuff just for the sake of doing stuff. Silly boy. It's nice out and I'm sleepy. I have to go to work half an hour early tomorrow for a costume fitting. Which means I'll have to get up at the crack of dawn (7:30) to get there on time. And my tendonitis has decided to rear its ugly head again. grrr. Guess I'll go find something that doesn't need my hands to do. like read fanfiction. heh. yeah, I know, I swore it off. But the other night I really just wanted some fluff to read before bed. But it didn't make me angsty! It just gave me some... interesting ideas *evil grin*
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... and I really hope it turns out well. It's kinda funny looking O.o
OMG weekend = yay!
In other news, going to work to get my costume today. I'm looking forward to seeing it, although it'll probably be totally boring. I'm a school teacher from the nineteenth century for pete's sake, so I doubt it'll be much fun. But I will get a hat. One more training day on Saturday, then the weekend after that the park opens and I enter the workforce of people who actually make money! Yay! This is the first job I have where I'll actually be making minimum wage. Well, I'll be making 75 cents more than minimum wage. But last summer I was making approximately 98 cents an hour, so this is definitely an improvement.
So... I should get writing. The deadline for Alberta Anthology is coming up and I have something I may be able to enter, if it ends up being short enough. Which is likely. What's not likely is my winning, but entering is free so what the hell? Why not.
Also: I have come to the conclusion that I would never survive in the wild. Xena is a domesticated beast, like a budgy or a guinea pig. Please do not set her free, or she well be killed. Thank you.\
Yeah, I tripped over the sidewalk and fell flat on my face yesterday. Now I have a bit uggy scrape on my knee. And a couple on my ankle. Janine says it looks like something bit me. So if anyone asks that's what happened: the sidewalk jumped up and bit me.
On a related note, if I die at Heritage park my family gets $10 000. It's the same if I go blind. Going deaf, however, is only worth $6 667.
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Yeah, it went ahead. And it was fun, although the weather was crap and B&D isn't open Sundays, and that was kind of going to be the high point of the trip. Oh well. We'll go later. If, by the way, you're shopping for sex toys in Calgary the Love Botique on Centre street is really nice. The didn't have much in the way of leather stuff and whips though. And the Pleasure dome has several different colours of fuzzy handcuffs.
After our quest we went for sushi and ordered twice as much as we really needed. Then we lit some candles in the basement and danced around them and jumped over them for Beltane. Then we sang songs and told lame ghost stories. That was fun.
Going to Jo's work to get the car keys because he had left the lights on, on the other hand sucked. What sucked even more is as soon as I unlocked it the horn started beeping over and over again and I couldn't figure out how to turn it off and then my mom came out of the house and we were both fiddling around with it until we finally got the lights and the horn to turn off. I have no idea what we did to make it do that, but whatever it was it worked.
So, an exciting day, all in all. Except there was a rather depressing lack of snogging in the woods. But then again it's cold out, so that may not have been particulairly pleasant.
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And no, I'm not ranting about something I read. I just started my Janeway/Seven Voyager fic and it is SO BAD. SOBAD! Why am I writing it? I'm not exactly familiar with Voyager, my technobabble capabilities are severely lacking and OH MY GOD it's so bad!
And yet I continue to work on it.
Maybe I will just randomly make them have wild monkey sex. Much easier than writing something that actually sort of has a plot.
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1) I suck at driving and need a lot of practise.
2) I need to be more careful/get locks for the bedroom door, and have Janine do the same.
3) Actually studying for an exam prior to writing it is probably a really good idea.


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