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 After hours of exhaustive research (read: one or two google searches) I have been unable to find pictures of steamy unicycles. I've found a couple of monowheels, but those aren't really the same. Can it be that no one has made one yet? Maybe there's a good reason for that... nah!

I'm trying to come up with ways to steamify a uni, but so far the only things I would be capable doing with the help available to me would be to give it a paintjob and make leather covers for the seat and grips on the handlebars. I'd probably paint the peddles and bumpers on the saddle as well, even though that would wear off really quickly. Throw a bugle horn on the handblars, maybe get a head and tail light and paint the casings to look like brass. Someone with a better understanding of mechanics than me might be able to make pistons that attach to the peddles/cranks, which would be cool but I would be afraid of them getting in the way and catching on clothing. Even if they worked they'd add a lot of extra weight, which wouldn't be idea. I also thought of sticking gears onto the forks, but I'd still be concerned about the teeth of the gears catching on my clothes. I think it would be cool to have a set of pennyfarthing style handlebars made and attached somehow, but I don't know how to do that and I don't think I know anybody who can, which would probably mean paying somebody big bucks to do it for me. Plus pennyfarthing handlebars look like they'd trap your legs and make it hard to bail. Also, how to make reflectors more steamy? Peddles usually come with them built in, and I'd want to put one or two on the wheel for safety. 

If I were to steamify a unicycle I would be riding it a lot, so I'd like to avoid making it anymore impractical then it already is. And whatever I add has to be able to survive multiple UPDs. Ideas? 

(I think I'll probably get this 29, with a touring handle and brakes).

Also, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Tolerable Festivus ect. ect. 

EDIT: TUBES! Long, clear plastic tubes with brightly coloured fluid (glow in the dark?) in them, looped around the frame! With a box with gears on/in it under the seat, where the tubes attach! That'd be cool, lightweight and if I do it right, easy to take off so I wouldn't have to leave it there all the time.
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What do you think?
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A few days ago my mom and I were grocery shopping and we came across this:
Let the adventure begin! (picspan ahead) )

And as a special bonus picture:
My new unicycle and hoop )

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Haven't done this in a while. So... haven't been fired yet, haven't been dumped yet, haven't been kicked out yet. Life is good. My mom and I are going to The Lakehouse tomorrow because we've got free movie cupons that expire this weekend. Uhm, not a lot else to report. Janine's going away for a week *tear* and I've spent most of the day playing computer games.
Oh, and went to the doctor. That was exciting. I now know exactly how much I weight, how tall I am and all that jazz. I'm healthy. Woo-hoo! And sleepy. And I should probably brush my hair.
Oh, and I've started playing the Sims again. I built one of the houses at Heritage Park- the one I would really like to live in (The Sandstone House, for anyone who's Heritage Park savvy) and that's always fun. I built it in the neighbourhood with the aliens.  Those too are always fun. Now I'm having withdrawl because I'm at my mom's and the game is at my aunt's. 
And I can ride Poly for almost ten feet without falling off! I'm running out of room on the patio where I usually practise. Soon I'll have to start going on the sidewalk or something. I should probably learn how to get on by myself without holding onto something. Happy happy joy joy.

Collin II

Jun. 22nd, 2006 05:50 pm
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So, me and this guy (whose name is Brian, but I think of him as Collin II) in the staff room today and I think, I'm not positive, but I think he's like, interested in me or something. Sigh. He's acting JUST LIKE Collin, it's really wierd. We talked at lunch (when I was grumpy and really just wanted to read) and then he showed up again on my break, and then walked me back to the schoolhouse and THEN showed up at the end of the day and offered to 'accompany' me back up to the top of the hill. Then I remembered I needed to get my stuff from the staff room and get changed and he CAME WITH ME and WAITED while I changed! WTF? If this isn't courting behavoir then I don't know what is. I mean, I try telling myself that maybe it's just his way of being friendly or something, but you do not go out of your way and sit around waiting (when you have a bus to catch, incedentally) for someone to change just so you can walk them to the top of the hill. I might do that if I was planning to do something with my friends after, but for someone who I just met that day? Wierd. So very, very wierd.
He even said "I guess I'll see you later" in a very Collonish way. I guess it's a personality type or something. That for whatever reason are drawn to my personality type.
Not that I'm complaining, really. It's just wierd. I'm not really used to straight guys paying attention to me.
Whatever. At least now if he asks me out I can tell him no without feeling guilty about it or something.
So wierd.
I should ride Poly but I'm tired. There are two bike paths to work, one of them has a lot more hills than the other. And the flatter one is closed for some reason so I'm all tired. But I should. But I'm tired. Maybe after supper (and before I wash my hair). If we have supper.
That's another thing. My hair is just so freakin' heavy. It's not so bad when it's down or whatever, but when it's all in one place (ie: a bun) but afternoon my neck is sore and I have a headache. I must find some other way to do my hair so it doesn't get so uncomfortable. Maybe I could braid it and wrap the braids around my head? I my had wouldn't fit on very well, but I don't wear my hat that much anyway. Urg. Sleepy.
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Which really wasn't as bad as one might think. Antonio Bandaras was doing the hot spanish dancing thing, the girl from ANTM wth the micro braids from a season or two ago was doing the hot black girl booty shaking thing. There was even some really bad east coast in there! I have come to the conclusion that you have to be *really* good at east coast to make it look good. Like, better than you have to be to make lindy or charleston look good. So...
Take the Lead: ***
Characters: cliche
Plot: sorta original, I guess.
Dialogue: hard to follow, I'm not fluent in Ghettospeak.
Kinda like: Save the last Dance, but with more kids and a carrot-top with a fro.
And now I'm sitting here, very patiently, waiting for CNTM to start. I have two hours. Joy. I should get some writing done, but I don't wanna turn on Edgar. I'm using the family computer now- I get to see what macs are like (joy). I was practising Poly today and I've gotten a lot better. Which is wierd because I haven't practiced for days due to the rain. Oh well. Whatever. I think I may be able to ride by myself soon. which would be awesome. I tried to get Steven, my oldest male cousin to help me.
Me: wanna help me ride my unicycle?
St: no.
Me: all you have to do is walk beside-
St: no. *goes upstairs*
He's the one that looked at me like I had two heads when I first brought the thing in. He's also the one who was like "Why would you want one of those like I was carrying a jar labeled "The Plague" or something. The guy has no appreciation for doing stuff just for the sake of doing stuff. Silly boy. It's nice out and I'm sleepy. I have to go to work half an hour early tomorrow for a costume fitting. Which means I'll have to get up at the crack of dawn (7:30) to get there on time. And my tendonitis has decided to rear its ugly head again. grrr. Guess I'll go find something that doesn't need my hands to do. like read fanfiction. heh. yeah, I know, I swore it off. But the other night I really just wanted some fluff to read before bed. But it didn't make me angsty! It just gave me some... interesting ideas *evil grin*


May. 18th, 2006 02:13 pm
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You guys! You guys, guess what! I can do almost a whole turn on Poly before I fall off or have to grab onto something!
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1. Unicycles are heavy, especially if you're lugging them around for a long time.
2. Mormons can be fun ;)
3. It's really, really hot out.
4. I suck at fixing things.
5. My aunt lives close to heritage park and is willing to let me stay at her house.

So, I got my uni today. I'm naming it Polyphemos (cookies to anyone who gets that reference). But when I was adjusting the seat hieght I have having a terrible time and I thought it was because I was incompetent- which is true- but the bolt thing I had to tighten was all stripped so I went out and got a new one.

And while I was on my way to getting Poly there were a couple of mormons coming the other way and they (naturally) stopped me and had the typical "Hi, we're mormons. Wanna join our church?" chat:
Them: have you had a chance to read the book of Mormon?
Me: yup.
Them: Do you believe in God?
Me: Yes, several actually.
Them: o.O
Them: When I converted it gave me the best happiness ever.
Me: Well, my girlfriend gives me the best happiness ever. Thanks though.
Them: O.o
Them: Have a nice day.
You know, I wouldn't be so hard/blunt with them, but seriously. They must know that hardly anyone actually likes to talk to them. Oh well. I was nicer than I could have been.

Yay! My aunt said I could live with her! Well, I should probably call her. But apparently she lives a 15 minute bike-ride from Heritage Park. And there's a spare room I could stay in, and I'm fairly sure she has wireless internet. And her house is nice. They're all pretty Catholic, though. But I can deal with that. They aren't as hard core religious as, say, Steph's family. There is NO WAY I could stand living with them a whole summer. But I'll have plenty of personal space and my own computer so it'll be fine. I should call her.

Owie. My hands hurt. does someone wanna fix Poly for me?


May. 10th, 2006 05:57 pm
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I've decided I should learn how to ride a unicycle. The way I see it there is really no downside to being able to ride a unicycle. It's faster than walking, and you can take it on the bus. They look like they're a reasonably efficient use of energy, you can take it with you wherever you go. It fits in a car. You can ride it on dirt paths, unlike roller blades/skates, skateboards and scooters. Plus if I'm ever out of work I can ride around on it and ask for change. No downside. Plus my butt has good balance (if that makes sense) so it probably wouldn't be *that* hard to learn. Plus I think you can get training wheels and stuff. So, now I have to find out where one can buy a unicycle and how expensive that would be.
Speaking of buying things I also want to get an mp3 player (what does mp3 stand for, anyway?). And I need to get some clips and stuff to hold my hair back for work.


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