Feb. 15th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Blood Ties has the worst ending EVAR D:

I feel an epic fanfic coming on.
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True Blood spoiler alert! )


Aug. 3rd, 2006 08:27 pm
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So, uh, the good folks at youtube finally noticed that someone had been breaking many, many copyright laws and uploading episodes of Sugar Rush. Which means I can't watch it anymore *cries* what'm I suppose to do? I won't know how the season ends, unless I look up spoilers but I hate doing that. For someone who is totally against copyright infringement... but I would watch it legitimately if I could, but since I don't live in the UK I can't. Grah.
I'm now working on the uglyiest piece of cross-stich ever created. BUT guests don't seem to mind that I don't stand up when they come in, whereas if I'm reading or writing they just think I'm being lazy. Except for that one lady who totally spazzed at me for like, no reason. I'm sorry if telling your friend she isn't allowed to touch anything on the other side of the ropes is offensive to you, but seriously, lady, take a chill pill.
I should practice Poly, but there's still hail everywhere.
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Kenny just called and I'm going to Con! Yesyesyesyesyes. *dances*
And I still am finding black fuzz everywhere *evil grin* who came up with the concept of fuzzy handcuffs anyway? 
I talked to Tess and Mik and they say they'll both make the HDEC campout. I need to double check with Sade and Janine, but they don't start work 'till fairly late in the day so I'm not anticipating problems there.
Oh, and I watched the fourth episode of Firefly today and am starting to feel the love. It didn't hook me right away, mostly because I don't usually like shows set on spacecrafts that much. But after watching epidose four... oh the symbolism! Oh the social commentary! And the plot twist actually took me by surprise. Anyway, my cousin is letting me borrow his dvds to take home during my days off. I don't have any errands that need to be run (other than to the post office which is only a block away from my house so I think I can manage it) so I can safely hole up on the couch and probably get the whole thing done. That's how I watched most of Buffy the first time 'round. I think I still like Buffy more than Firefly. There is more outright sillyness. Plus the musical episode. And Willow and the mechanic chick are basically the same character.
ANYWHO I'm happy *give flowers to small children* Now I kind of want to come back on Tuesday so I can go give Kenny a cookie. I probably won't, but I'll find out where he's working on Tuesday and if it's Midnapore I can leave him something in the booth. Maybe not a cookie, though. Don't want to attract mice or anything.
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I have this purple and black bruise the size of the tip of my thumb on my leg, just below and a little behind my knee. And I have no idea how I got it. But it's all puffed out and I can see it without my glasses on without evening squinting!
Also, called Kenny.
Kenny: I can't work that day you need.
Me: NoooOOOooooOOOoooo!
Kenny: sorry. What's so important anyway?
Me: er... a sci-fi convention that I want to go to because I'm an enormous geek and it only happens once a year and I missed it last year because I had a concussion from getting head butted by a horse so I couldn't go.
Kenny: Wow. You know what? I'm gonna ask if I can get that day off so I can cover for you.

And now Steven is playing his music very, very loud. Inconsiderate *mutter* then again he might not know I'm here. Maybe he'll turn it down before I actually try to sleep.
I want a snack. hmm.
I should have practised Poly today, but I was busy watching Firefly and Sugarrush. And I'm getting really frustrated with Poly because I'm not getting any better. I've been doing this for like 2-3 months and I still haven't gone more than about twenty feet, although on average I only do about ten. My life is so emo *tear*
And my tendonitis still hates me. I should probably start going to physio again, but it's expensive.
Yay! Janine's coming over tomorrow. I wonder what I'll make for supper? She'll probably get annoyed with me if she isn't fed.
Oh, and I actually learned something at work today. What we call the Union Jack (the Brittish flag) is actually called the Union Flag in Britain because it's the flag for Britain, Ireland and Wales. And there are different elements of all three of their flags in the union flag. Like the big red + is for Britain, the white X is for Ireland and the red X is for Whales. And the British bit is red because of St. George (for some reason) because he's Britain's patron saint. I totally didn't know any of that, but I do now so I'll look even smarter to people! Whoot! My job may be getting tedious but I still love the respect I get from EVERYBODY! Just because I wear a costume and know a few tidbits about some dusty old building! Old people, young people, kids, real teachers, people with doctorates in rocket science... they all bow down to my wisdom. And that's cool.


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