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Things I want to learn:

- ride long (indefinite) distances without falling off and being in perfect control the whole time.
- freemounting
- dismount gracefully
- hop
- hop curbs
- steer 90% (really tight corners need work)
- hills
- ride with no weight in seat.
- freemount either foot
- kickup mount
- idle
- idle with either foot 20%
- idle with one foot 25%
- ride with one foot
- go backwards 70% (steering needs improvement)
- coast
- ride on grass 90%
- 180 backspin and/or front spin
- 180 jump
- spin
- standing glide
- while hula hooping (50%)
- while juggling (60%)
- while hooping and juggling.

- 3 ball cascade
- 423
- 3 ball tennis
- 3 ball reverse cascade
- 3 ball half shower
- 3 ball shower (75% need to smooth out half shower)
- 3 ball box 30%
- 3 ball false shower
- 2 up 1up + variations (80%)
- back toss 80%
- crossing tossing
- 2 in 1 hand
- 3 ball duplex
- 3 ball snake
- 3 ball mills mess
- 3 club cascade (80%).
- 4 balls (80%).
- 3 in 1 hand
- 5 ball cascade

I'm pretty sure if I practice a lot I'll be able to learn all this stuff (unlike the things on the unicycle list). This list is in the approximate order that I'd like to learn stuff.
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Reading Week to do list:

- write HTST outline
- read stuff for lesbian class
- read stuff for History
- start reading Watchmen
- finish weaving project
- finish sock
- Apply for jobs (assemble portfolio)
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There're a bunch of movies coming out I wanna see:

- The Assassination of Jesse James- filmed in Alberta, including Heritage park. Going to it this weekend with my dad.
- Golden Compass- also one my dad wants to see
- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street- Jonny Depp killing people and singing. Need I say more?
- I am Legend- looks kinda nifty.
- Prince Caspian
- Walk All Over Me- it's about a cop and a dominatrix. Hells yeah.

Older ones:
- Beowulf
- Stardust
- Resident Evil 2 & 3
- Hairspray
- Ratatouille

Also: I finished my last paper for the semester! Yay!

To do over winter break:
- start collecting stuff for the Great Wardrobe Makeover (this may include sewing).
- remember to watch Stargate and Voyager every day and reclaim my inner geek.
- read through the archive of Family Man
- do some writing for Yde & Olive-- 500 words a day?
- write the English essay that's due the first week back at school during the break, NOT the first week back at school.
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To do this weekend:

- Finish reading for GRST essay
- finish reading Turn of the Screw
- finish 1 Christmas present
- waste some time on the Sims

I went out to buy yarn today and the trains were taking forever D: but I got the yarn and came home and made an attempt to get my reading done, but then I played the Sims instead. So I actually have to work tomorrow. It's been a quiet weekend, which is good, I guess. I kinda miss everybody, but it's nice to have some time to myself.
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Ok, self, let's try to remember to do everything on the list, shall we?

  1. Go to job interview. Make excellent impression
    1. remember to speak slowly and clearly so the accenty-Asian person interviewing me will know what I'm talking about, but throw in a few big words to impress her.
  2. Go to Shopper's and buy hair dye and hair spray
  3. Go to Love Stop on the way home and harass them for a job.
  4. Go home. Dye hair.
  5. Wait for hair to dry. Re-dye if patchy.
  6. Primp.
  7. Remember to bring dance shoes to Fake Moustache.

Fake Moustache tonight! I woke up with knots in my stomach, but I'm good now. Hopefully the rain will stop this evening so my hair doesn't get wrecked in transit. Maybe I should take my curling iron just in case. Or put a quick-cover or something over my head to keep the rain off. Yeah, that's classy.

To do:

Feb. 18th, 2007 12:52 pm
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- work on history analysis
- clean room
- work on English story (I finally figured out what I'm writing about!)
- get dressed
- read Herodotus in preparation for GRST exam.
- clean out bag and put RHPS stuff in it.

That'll probably keep me busy for most of the day, but reading a story or two would be a good idea as well.

This week:

- work on school stuff (HTST, ENGL and GRST) every day.
- go birthday present shopping.
- start writing piece for chapbook
- remember to skate on Wendsday and Friday.
- finish reading stories for English and write crits.

Stuff I'd like to get done but probably won't

- make pattern and sew wrap pants from sari fabric
- re-write "U is For..." and submit to Filling Station
- re-write "The Beautiful Annabelle-Lee" in preparation for submission to Blithe House Quarterly.
- watch Xena
- finish rope
- make restraints


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