Mar. 21st, 2009 02:14 am
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+ mmm swing
+ mmmmmmmmm blues
+ my dress is fabulous.
+ Read is awesome, and hasn't changed a bit.
+ mmmm blues
+ scritches

I'm not gonna be able to move tomorrow, but it was so worth it.
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Had an awesome time dancing today, as usual. We did more work on our partner dance, and I think I figured out why I find dancing with a partner so much easier in that class than dancing by myself or in a group or whatever. I'm used to dancing with a partner, and it feels good and right and comfortable. This all makes me feel much more confident, and I don't worry as much about remembering the steps or looking good or whatever. And apparently as soon as I stop worrying it just comes naturally.

(In my very unbiased opinion my partner and I are the best at the routine. I am SO GRATEFUL I ended up with him. Seriously. I think I'd still enjoy it if I was with some clueless girl, but I'm enjoying it a lot more with him. Plus our lift is awesome, as well as our octopus.)

Knowing what makes the difference doesn't really help with my large group dancing because my confidence comes from experience, and there's no way to get years of experience without experiencing something for years, so I'll just struggle along and do my best and try to at least pretend to be confident. 

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my dance group to do some more choreographing and practicing. Then I have to race over to poetry right after, then home to gussy up for swing (live band, woohoo! Fabulous dress, woohoo! New nail polish, woohoo!). 

I think I might be becomming a Dancer (with a capital D). This week I'll spend at least 8 hours dancing, between swing and jazz class. Probably more, if I stay late with swing. I'll probably have the energy for it, since thanks to all of my excessive dancing my stamina is really good. Anyway, dancing makes me happy, and I like being happy. I'll miss jazz class when the semester ends.


Jan. 29th, 2009 08:23 pm
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If/when I DJ at swing I'm gonna play this song and see if anyone notices :D

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Swing = love.

So tired. So happy. Beltaine tomorrow, then more swing dancing (in my flapper dress!). Then swing dancing all day Sunday.

Bed now.
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Ok, so for all you losers who're like 'yeah! I'd love to go swing dancing!' and then never show, here is your chance to redeem yourself:

Friday November 16

Dress up in your best swing dancing outfit and come join us for an evening of jumpin' live music!

Lesson at 8pm - suitable for everyone to attend to get some dancing ideas for the evening :)

Music at 9pm - Du-Rite Aces will entertain us with their Jump Swing tunes. (

Late night Blues - whenever the live music stops, the dance will keep on going!
We will need some DJs - let us know if you're interested.

$15 for UofC Swing Members
$20 for Non-members
Tickets will be available soon from your Exec.

Hosted by the UofC Swing Dance Club
Dress Code of Swing Outfits

Not only will you get to hear a live band, not only will you get a beginner lesson for free, not only will you get to see the fabulous dancers in the city, but you will get to see all their fancy duds too! And get to wear your own! So for all you out there with a suspender fetish ('cuz I know I'm not the only one) or a liking for girls in big skirts, here's your chance to see dozens of 'em in one night. So don't be lame! Show up to this one. And dress up. And stay for the late night blues, because honestly, a good blues dance is at least as good as, if not better than sex. And I for one love sex blues dancing.
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Yeah. Skipping swing again today. The thing is I always used to just hang out at school after my last class until lessons start, but since my last class ends at noon and lessons don't start 'till 6:30 it doesn't really work. So I go home, have lunch, do some homework and then nap. Then I'm too groggy and lazy to want to go to swing.

Maybe next week I'll pack a supper and go back to school at, like, four or something.

In other news I had the coolest dream last night. I was in the dinosaur park at the zoo and I was with a group of people (don't remember who) and we were being chased around by a dinosaur! It wasn't a big scary dino like a T-Rex or something, it was one of those kinda silly looking duck billed bi-pedial thingies. Anyway, it was chasing us around and we found this underground cave that was actually a parking lot for some rich person who had a lot of really nice cars. It lead to this underground mansion thing that was really super cool so we hung out there for a while.

I NEVER have dreams about dinosaurs! It was the coolest thing ever :D


Jul. 22nd, 2007 11:11 am
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So, on Friday I went to the chiro and he did a re-evaluation for me, and informed me that I'd made a full recovery. Yay.

Last night I went swing dancing, and after four or five dances my back started to ache, and guess what! My rib is popped out again! Oh, the joy. I think the best part of the night was leaving the hall in tears, then getting Jasper to go back in a get my stuff so I wouldn't have to.

It's not even like my back hurts that much. Yeah, it's uncomfortable and achey and if I stand or sit for too long it starts to feel really sore. But it doesn't hurt enough to make me cry. I was just so angry and frustrated and disapointed that I couldn't dance. I'd been looking forward to dancing for weeks, and then I get there and re-injure myself. I don't want to go through another month of appointments and rehab and stuff. I thought I was better.

Not only that, but because I can't sit up for too long I won't be able to get any sewing done. Bah. And the chiro isn't open on Sundays, so I'll probably have to take Monday morning off to go see him. I don't know if worker's comp. will cover the missed time, because I didn't actually hurt myself at work this time 'round, it's just a repeat of the injury I got last month. But at the moment I don't really care if I miss a day because my back is sore and I didn't get to dance and I'm fucking cranky.

At least no one noticed the massive bruises on my arms.
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June events!

June 3- (tentatively) the GRAND tour of Heritage Park, lead by the illustrius and knowledgable (but mediocre speller) assistant curator.
June 7- Fake Moustache. Amature drag competition in the early show, so make damn sure you come. There's a second preformance later in the month, but I don't actually know when.
June 10- Gay pride parade and street Gala
June long weekend- RHPS
June 23- Swing dancing. Same bat time, same back place.

It's really sad, because I don't know anything else interesting that's happening, and it's PRIDE MONTH! And yet I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! CAPSLOCK OF DOOOOOOOM!!!

*cough* yeah, so if anyone can tell me what else is happening this month I'd appreciate it.


Apr. 30th, 2007 02:01 pm
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It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May!

May 3: Fake Moustache: [profile] happy_fish_87 and I are preforming for the first time and we are fabulous and awesome and you all had better show up!
May 3-10: Herland Film festival: Yeah, never actually been, but tickets are by donation so there's really no excuse not to go.
May 18: Swing!
May long weekend (20ish): Rocky Horror Picture Show
May 24-31: Fairy Tales Film Fest: Alberta's only GLBT film festival, and they have a really interesting looking line-up, I'm actually considering getting a festival pass.
May 26: Swing! (OMG two in one month!)

That's all I can really think of.
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Good News )

Bad News )
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So. I was trying to plan which courses to take next year and they're hardly offering anything that I want/need to take OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!11! So I'm just going to keep telling myself they haven't finished updating the new calendar yet so I don't freak out. Is it too much to ask to want to finish a BA in four years? I didn't think so.

Buuuuut, on the bright side, I slept over at Janine's last night, but roomie was there >:(. Still good, though. We started sketching out the routine we're gonna do for Fake Moustache, then today we went shopping and Janine got a suit and shoes. We are gonna be SO FREAKING FABULOUS. So you'd all better come and cheer us on! We're not actually telling anyone at swing about it, because they wouldn't be very impressed with our dancing. People who don't dance, on the other hand, will probably think we're totally made of awesome. And I get to pull on Janine's tie! Yay! I just wish I could dance in high heels, then it would be perfect. But Janine says I'm not allowed to break my ankle, so I probably won't.

In other news: OMG finals! I should be studying, but I got distracted looking at courses for next year. Then again, if I don't pass my finals there will be no next year, so I should really get on that studying thing.

Also: my nail polish is fantastic.

And Love Stop still hasn't called me back.

Oh, and my mom is leaving to go to Manitoba tomorrow and isn't gonna be back for a week. But no parties! I have too much studying to do :(
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Sigh. School = lame.

But swing was fun. I like Jonathan's girlfriend. She's nice, fun, takes my side :D At one point we were talking and she mentioned she had Jo's hoodie and blazer at her house and I was all "WTF? Who leaves clothes at other people's houses? What do they wear home? Oh, yeah, Janine, I meant to give you your pants back" it was great because I'd totally forgotten until that point that I did have Janine's pants because she lent them to me when we went to Fake Moustache because it was cold out.

Then we went swing dancing and it was like invasion of the n00bs. Ick. And Janine's learning to lead, I'm starting to get to the point where I actually can lead and it was a nice night.

I've also found one way of managing my angst which sorta seems to be working. When I start feeling so shitty I can't really do anything I just go to sleep for a while. Usually when I wake up I feel a little better. The problem is, I don't get a whole lot done while I'm asleep. Plus if I'm at school it's hard to find an empty couch. I've actually been seriously thinking about seeing a therapist again, but I'm still wishy washy on that count. I am going to try and get a massage appointment for next week, though.

Tomorrow Carolyn and I are going fabric shopping. I'm only there to take pictures so she can check with the person she's making a dress for, but still. It'll be nice to get out of the house. There's also going to be frantic studying for my religion midterm and frantic re-writing of my story for English. The whole thing is one big tell (as opposed to show) and I kinda knew that, even before Sade told me. But I'm kind of impressed with the fact that, under the circumstances, I was able to write anything that even remotely made sense. I don't usually do a lot of writing when I'm depressed. I've actually thought about telling my profs about said circumstances, but I don't really tihnk it would accomplish much. I'll still have to write exams and papers and stories, and I'm not the first one to be in a situation like this, so really I don't see much point.

So, yeah. I'm hanging on. I'd say as much as half the time I feel fairly normal, which is good. I'm looking forward to having lunch with Sade and Carolyn on Wendsday. I like it when people bring me food :P

I also have an idea for my final story. It's gonna be kinda Sugar Rushish, that is, a central, messed up character surrounded by other messed up characters who manages not to slit their own wrists at the end of the day. I'll probably change my mind a bunch of times, but once my current story is handed in I want to start on the next one, so there's none of this writing a story in a weekend crap again. I also should start my term paper -_-*
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Bleh. I do not feel very well today, although it's probably more mental than physical. School is kicking my ass. Life is kicking my ass. And I really, really don't wanna go to school today. But I have to. So I will.

I also didn't want to go to the feast at the Hare Krishna temple last night, but I did anyway. I feel more confident about writing my story now. And it was cool, there was chanting and a little dancing and the food was pretty good. Everyone there was east Indian, so we couldn't have been more obvious about being n00bs if we'd had it stamped across our foreheads (by we I mean my mom, Sade and I). The priest guy also gave us each the Hare Krishna equivalent of a bible. It has pretty pictures in it. There's a big festival this Saturday and Sade said she wanted to go, and I asked Janine and she said we could go before swing. I like it, I guess. I'm just not really enthusiastic about much at the moment. In a couple days I'm sure I'll be more excited.

I'm actually thinking I should go do the meditation thing instead of skate today, but I really, really should skate. I only went once last week and I'm testing this month -_-*

Um. Swing Tuesday, ANTM Wendsday, Fake Moustache Thursday, Hare Krishna festival and swing on Saturday. I should be more excited.

Oh, I also had a dream I could unicycle and do half turns and stuff. On grass. It was cool. I also had a bad dream right before I woke up though, and that wasn't so cool.
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So, yesterday Janine and I exchanged her ring so now it actually fits (albiet on her index finger), after which I cried my eyes out and probably got her jacket all wet, but I felt better after and she gave me kleenex and then walked me to skating before she left. Then I went to English, where my story was torn to shreds and I'm left wondering why the hell the chose me for this class, anyway, if I suck so much. Still haven't gotten the nerve to start going through all the critiques people wrote for me. Sigh.

BUT despite all that I still feel ok, normal. I would almost say happy. Not quite sure how that works. After class last night some of us from the class, including the prof, went out for drinks. We went the the grad lounge, which was all fancy and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the waitress was drunk. She spilled beer everywhere, forgot to bring half of the drinks to the table, then, while cleaning up another table dropped a whole bunch of plates and stuff. I find it pretty suprising how the service at the Den, which is the student bar on campus, is much better than at the grad lounge.

I also got my digital camera which is super-nifty, except it needs a memory card. At present I can take about eight pictures. Yipee. Jo also gave me a Stray Cats CD. The music sounds 50's but it was actually recorded in the 80's and 90's. It also has that song about the cat they always play at the beginner lesson at swing.

Speaking of which, swing lesson tonight!

I also finished sewing the mittens for [personal profile] remeciel and will hopefully probably send them today at some point, if I can get Sade to show me the best/fastest/cheapest way to do so.

And now I should stop procrasinating.
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Now I'm twenty. Yikes. And here's all the stuff I did.

1. Went shopping with my dad. Three hours, two malls and a little shop later I have a purple velvet skirt with taffeta ruffles. Very pretty and spins out nicely when I dance. Mom said she'd get me a digital camera but hasn't yet.

2. Janine came over. Forgot my present at home but gave me a sonnet that she'd written for me which I've read about a million times already. We had supper and cake. I gave her the ring I'd gotten for our aniversary, but it was too small so we're meeting up on Monday to exchange it and hopefully find sometihng better.

3. Sade came over. Her present for me was still in the mail (she only ordered it a couple days ago and it's coming from the UK) and she gave me gummy candies and chocolate to tide me over. We hung out until...

4. My aunt and uncle came and drove us to swing. My parents both copped out, but I think my aunt had fun anyway. Once there I was surprised to see Jonathan and Jess. I don't think he's ever gone to swing without me buggin him to. Plus he paid Jess's cover. Could this be love?

5. Swing. Fun. I lead a lot, with Jess, Sade, Janine, my aunt, and a couple other people. I brought a cake and people ate it. Robert left with the short-gay-tap-dancing-guy and Janine and I nearly died. I danced for most of the night and was sooooo tired by the time I got home.

6. I went to sleep, woke up and now have a 3-5 page Religion paper and four crits to write, plus a big pile of reading. *hides* I think I'm gonna go eat the rest of my birthday cake first. I don't care that it's only 10:15 am.
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Blood and Chocolate= too lame for words. The fact that it didn't follow the book AT ALL didn't bother me so much as the fact that it was a very, very bad movie. Very bad. I'd say it's about level with the second Underworld, except I might actually see Underworld II a second time. Not so much for Blood and Chocolate. So, in conclusion:
Blood and Chocolate: * (only because the werewolves actually looked like wolves when they transformed)
Characters: lame
Plot: lamer
Dialogue: not great
Kinda like: every other lame werewolf movie out there.

the Death by Chocolate party, on the other hand, really kind of rocked. Soooooo full. Yummy. Sleepy now. Must do homework tomorrow, and maybe go to Buddhist church. Carolyn's found a Latin mass, which sounds like it would be really cool, but actually would probably end up be pretty boring. There's a talk thing at school in a second week through the GLBT club at my school and the Chaplain's center about homosexuallity, the bible and not hating. I'll probably go to that, it sounds interesting. I'll probably be a huge keener and bring my bible and some sticky notes. But whatever, it could actually have some possible use for my Old Testament class, you never know. Although I bet my prof has probably gotten quite a few papers about homosexuality in the bible (from both camps) but whatever. I want to go.

Is it wierd that I'm spending so much time at the Chaplain's centre? Maybe. Do I care? No.

My birthday in a week! I'm lazy so I'm not actually having a party, but everyone come swing dancing on Saturday night. I'm bringing cake!


Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:14 pm
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Pan's Laberynth is playing at Chinook, which means I can use the movie money I got for Christmas to see it, rather than paying for it at an Indie thearter. At the end of the day I'd really rather give money to an indie thearter, but as a starving student with gift certificates to a large, soul-eating chain I don't have a whole lot of choice.

Blood and Chocolate this week, which I get to see for free too, but that's more because my brother rocks than anything else.

Swing was painful. So, so painful; although I'm sure it was very good for me. And one of the instructors has this heavy French accent and his English isn't the best and he has different names for moves than we do so it's a little confusing. I'm sure I'll have no problem understanding him in a few weeks but for now it's kinda hard. He's a nice guy, though. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against him, and he's an excellent dancer.

So sleepy. Bed now.
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I'm not going on the Rome trip after all-- too expensive. So Sade and I decided we'd go together after we finished our BAs.

My friend's dad has flesheating disease. Words can not describe how bad that sucks. I feel bad for him, but worse for Stephany.  He's been in intensive care for a few days and hasn't really gotten any better or worse. Poor guy. When I die I hope it's from something normal, preferrably being hit by a car and killed instantly. None of this long, drawn-out suffering crap.

I think I still have school stuff mostly under control. One of my two classes was cancelled today, which is ok but not great. So I'll be coming home for supper instead of hanging around at school.

Blood and chocolat on Thursday, still very excited about that! It's also the day that Janine's brother is leaving to go study in Australia, so party at Janine's on Friday! (no, you're not invited :p). And a week from Thursday is Fake Moustach, which I am so totally stoked for, then on Saturday it's swing and my birthday. I'm turning 20 ahhhhhhhh! At least I don't have grey hairs yet :P

Anyway, should get on that reading thing.
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So, last night in class the people who were suppose to be presenting thought they weren't presenting until February. Scary English Prof was not amused. Then later we were talking about a short story we were suppose to have read for class and she asked a girl a question, and the girl admitted she hadn't read the story. Scary English Prof then asked how many people didn't read the story and about half of the class put their hands up.

Scary English prof really was not amused.

Oh, and we're making a class chapbook, and I'm helping with cover design. That should be interesting.

Swing tonight. It's just the lame n00b drop-in lesson, but after there will be dancing at the Den, and that's always fun. Plus I think someone said something about the Swing club buying nachos again. That would be pretty sweet.

My reading for this week is coming along ok. I probably won't read any of the online ressources for my History Class of DOOOOOM!!!!1! but everything else will probably get read. I also have to rewrite my short story that I'm handing in on Monday and get started on my history presentation, but so far this is all manageable.

For my next story for my English class I think I'll try magic realism. The thing about magic realism is it's really tricky to keep it that and not sci-fi/fantasy. But I think I'll be ok.

Yesterday I went to this free drop-in meditation thing. It was lead by a Quaker, and from what I can tell being a quaker is about as pagan as you can get while still being monotheist. It's interesting. I could see myself going to their meetings from time to time. Afterwards I had lunch with the Quaker lady, the chaplain guy who organized it, and this keener girl who seems to be a big part in it. It was interesting, sort of. The quaker and chaplain talked about politics a lot. And the chaplain guy figured out my major on the second guess. I was pretty impressed-- usually when people try and guess they go through all the fine arts majors, and then philosophy and English before they give up and I tell them I'm doing history. We also talked about our goals for the future, and mine had to do with school and my girlfriend. It was interesting being able to come out to a Christian priest/reverend (I'm not sure which he was, or even the difference between the two) and have him think it's cool. He has one of those rainbow-triangle "positive space" stickers on his office door.

Anyway, the chaplain also organizes a drumming circle on Wendsdays and I'm still trying to decide if I want to go. The thing is it starts at three thirty and I don't get out of class until 4:15. I'm guessing the circle only goes for an hour, so by the time I get there they'd probably  be just finishing up. I should find out how long it actually goes for.

This entry is really long, but I haven't been posting much lately so instead of having five short posts in one day you get one long post in five days. Anyway, my lunch is almost ready. So I'm gonna eat it and maybe watch an episode of Sugar Rush before I leave for school.
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I feel all wierd and anxious, and I don't really know why. I'm probably worried about my exam results-- I have my marks from Anthropology and it's a C-, which isn't exactly encouraging. I'm afraid I'll have simular marks in my other courses. I'm afraid I'll flunk out of school. I'm afraid I'll have to tell my mom that I flunked out of school. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I worked harder this year than I did last year, but my grades are much worse.
I talked to Tessa today and cleaned. I dyed my hair. In a couple hours I'll be leaving for work and I still feel... unhappy. I shouldn't feel like this. I'm done for this semester, for better or worse I'm done. I should be happily lounging around watching youtube, knitting socks and being carefree. Sigh.
Midwinter cult meeting tomorrow. Looking forward to it, should be fun. Then seeing my English prof on Monday. Not looking forward to it. Not fun.
Oh, and the swanky swing event is a no-go. Hopefully there're still tickets left for Rocky Horror.


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