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So neither of the printers in my house are working. Still. I even tried hooking up the family computer to Edgar, who apparently didn't detect the frickin' printer. GAH! They used to work! What the hell has changed? Anyway, I wanted to scan the drawings of how I want to cut my hair so you all can tell me whether I should go for it or if I'm a complete dumbass and should keep my hair the way it is. But I can't. Because the printers hate me. I'm going to have to call Dell and Lexmark and ask them why your farging printers won't work. AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!
I just realized I've spent the whole afternoon trying to get computers/printers to work and drawing my new hair cut. I meant to study today. I really did. But now I have to go to my stupid Creative Writing course in half an hour because my brother is at rehersal and therefore can't drive me. Because he sucks. Big time.
So, since I can't scan my drawings I'll link my inspiration instead.
Saint (beware teh lesbian SEX!)
Because symmitry is for wusses. And Straight people, apparently.

So, uh...

Oct. 15th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Still can't find Sugar Rush anywhere. Been trying Limewire but if someone does have what I'm looking for they have the wrong type of connection/wrong format so I can't download it. Looks like I'll be stuck with youtube until I can figuer this thing out. I guess I'm just not suited to a life of crime. Also school? Sucks.
The Zombie walk was cool though. It was a little too long, but it was still ok. Halloween's comeing up. Still need a wig.
I want a nap. I believe I will go take one.
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I've decided my life isn't complete without Sugar Rush on DVD. I actually found both seasons on Amazon UK for under $40 Canadian (although the shipping is probably a bitch) but I can't buy it cuz I haven't gotten a credit card yet! *cries* I need to get that application back to the bank. Either that or get someone to buy it for me for Christmas, but that's two months away. Gah.


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