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So. I think I may have channeled yesterday. Interesting.

Also, a medieval love poem for y'all:

Une fame nominative
A fait de moy son datiff
par la parole genitive
en depid de laccusatiff
Srs amour est infiniti[v]e
ge veu son relatiff

(A nomitive lady
has made me her dative
by the genitive word
despite the accusative--
love is infinitive
for her relative)

-inscription on a 14th century ring.

Yes, I am having a nerdgasm as we speak, and I'm sure Carolyn and Laura are too (if they haven't seen this before).
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My mom and I went to this solstice celebration at the aromatherapy place that's near our house. He didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up mostly listening to this guy, Gary, who runs the place, talking about energy, Mother Mary, Mary Magdelen (sp?) and Jesus, the messages they've given him, and the Age of Aquarius. December 21, 2013 is the last day of the Myan calendar, and the day when the whole world will be at peace. Anyway, he said a lot of stuff that made me roll my eyes, but I think there was something to it. I don't think everyone in the world will ever be at peace, and I don't think basing the date of such an event on the end of some ancient calendar is really valid. The Myans lived ages ago. Maybe they just decided that 2013 was a good year to stop, because really, that was a really long time in the future for them.

Then there's the whole Planetary allignment thing that will happen on that day, where all of the planets will allign. I had a dream about that a while ago. Phil and I were walking on a frozen lake and in the sky we could see the planets lining up. I'm sure that's very significant since it's the age of aquarius and aquarius = water and I was walking on a lake and so on. Don't really know why Phil was there, though.

Anyway, we did a bit of a meditation and said a few ohms (dunno how to spell that either) and drank some sacred water that Gary had mixed up as per Mary's instructions.

Then mom and I came home and decided to do a dozen rounds of Salutes to the Sun, cuz that's what you do on the solstice. Mom could only do about three, but I did all twelve. Lit some candles and so forth.

It's been a while since I've felt like I've touched something divine, but then I haven't made the effort to. I still think about going to church every now and then, just to feel communal spirituality. Or perhaps I should visit the Hare Krishna temple more often. Their meetings are in the evening, so I wouldn't have to get up early.

Oh, and in case you didn't know it's a full moon on Christmas eve.

I feel very... peaceful and calm.
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So, last night in class the people who were suppose to be presenting thought they weren't presenting until February. Scary English Prof was not amused. Then later we were talking about a short story we were suppose to have read for class and she asked a girl a question, and the girl admitted she hadn't read the story. Scary English Prof then asked how many people didn't read the story and about half of the class put their hands up.

Scary English prof really was not amused.

Oh, and we're making a class chapbook, and I'm helping with cover design. That should be interesting.

Swing tonight. It's just the lame n00b drop-in lesson, but after there will be dancing at the Den, and that's always fun. Plus I think someone said something about the Swing club buying nachos again. That would be pretty sweet.

My reading for this week is coming along ok. I probably won't read any of the online ressources for my History Class of DOOOOOM!!!!1! but everything else will probably get read. I also have to rewrite my short story that I'm handing in on Monday and get started on my history presentation, but so far this is all manageable.

For my next story for my English class I think I'll try magic realism. The thing about magic realism is it's really tricky to keep it that and not sci-fi/fantasy. But I think I'll be ok.

Yesterday I went to this free drop-in meditation thing. It was lead by a Quaker, and from what I can tell being a quaker is about as pagan as you can get while still being monotheist. It's interesting. I could see myself going to their meetings from time to time. Afterwards I had lunch with the Quaker lady, the chaplain guy who organized it, and this keener girl who seems to be a big part in it. It was interesting, sort of. The quaker and chaplain talked about politics a lot. And the chaplain guy figured out my major on the second guess. I was pretty impressed-- usually when people try and guess they go through all the fine arts majors, and then philosophy and English before they give up and I tell them I'm doing history. We also talked about our goals for the future, and mine had to do with school and my girlfriend. It was interesting being able to come out to a Christian priest/reverend (I'm not sure which he was, or even the difference between the two) and have him think it's cool. He has one of those rainbow-triangle "positive space" stickers on his office door.

Anyway, the chaplain also organizes a drumming circle on Wendsdays and I'm still trying to decide if I want to go. The thing is it starts at three thirty and I don't get out of class until 4:15. I'm guessing the circle only goes for an hour, so by the time I get there they'd probably  be just finishing up. I should find out how long it actually goes for.

This entry is really long, but I haven't been posting much lately so instead of having five short posts in one day you get one long post in five days. Anyway, my lunch is almost ready. So I'm gonna eat it and maybe watch an episode of Sugar Rush before I leave for school.


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