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RIP sexy jeans :(

Hello new favourite sweater! 

I think there's something to that whole reincarnation thing. I also found earrings that match my new necklace!
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Doing slightly better. Then again I'm too tired to be angsting hardcore. Actually left the house today, w00t. I bought my books for the fall, and here's the exciting part: $160. THAT'S IT! I bought books for three courses, and it only came to $160. I still have one more, $90 book to buy but I'm hoping I can find one used. Of the books I bought today I only paid full price for one, and I snagged two for a dollar each. If I weren't so busy being an emo lamer I'd be pretty happy about that, especially considering how I budgeted $500 for books. Now I can feel less guilty spending the money on the room for con.

My back hurts like a mofo, though. My shoulder blades are angry at me D:

Anyway, I'm really frickin' tired, so I'm gonna go have a nap.
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So. The universe seems to be against me vis-a-vis new computer. Jo was going to drive me down town, but then car issues forced me to take the bus. I get downtown, the store is closed so I go to North Hill mall, where Mr. Accent "helped" me, by which I actually mean read the specs off of the card thing sitting beside the computer in the display. Despite this I decided to get the computer, except then it was out of stock and he said I could have the one in the display case. Um... no. If I'm paying for a brand new, out of the box computer I want a brand new, out of the box computer. I left, went home, had a nap, then went online to see what I could find. I found a computer that looks good, but it's out of stock at the online store-- but not in an actual store. But I don't have the energy to go skipping out to another mall, which will probably be closed anyway (happy Canada day, everyone).

There is nothing in the world that can piss me off as quickly and easily as a computer. Not even my brother (though he's a close second).

Roger's is also stupid. They sent me a letter saying that they are raising the pay as you go rate from 33 cents/minute to 40, and suggested that I switch to another plan. I think I may switch phone companies altogether >:( anyway, during my great computer trek I stopped at a Roger's store to ask them about the different pay-as-you-go plans that are available, and the lacky just stared at me blankly and said "I have no idea what you're talking about. We don't do pay-as-you-go here." I looked at him for a second, then said "Great. That was really helpful." and stormed out of the store.

Now I have to have a family dinner. I would rather hide in my room and sleep.
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Ok, self, let's try to remember to do everything on the list, shall we?

  1. Go to job interview. Make excellent impression
    1. remember to speak slowly and clearly so the accenty-Asian person interviewing me will know what I'm talking about, but throw in a few big words to impress her.
  2. Go to Shopper's and buy hair dye and hair spray
  3. Go to Love Stop on the way home and harass them for a job.
  4. Go home. Dye hair.
  5. Wait for hair to dry. Re-dye if patchy.
  6. Primp.
  7. Remember to bring dance shoes to Fake Moustache.

Fake Moustache tonight! I woke up with knots in my stomach, but I'm good now. Hopefully the rain will stop this evening so my hair doesn't get wrecked in transit. Maybe I should take my curling iron just in case. Or put a quick-cover or something over my head to keep the rain off. Yeah, that's classy.
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So. I was trying to plan which courses to take next year and they're hardly offering anything that I want/need to take OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!11! So I'm just going to keep telling myself they haven't finished updating the new calendar yet so I don't freak out. Is it too much to ask to want to finish a BA in four years? I didn't think so.

Buuuuut, on the bright side, I slept over at Janine's last night, but roomie was there >:(. Still good, though. We started sketching out the routine we're gonna do for Fake Moustache, then today we went shopping and Janine got a suit and shoes. We are gonna be SO FREAKING FABULOUS. So you'd all better come and cheer us on! We're not actually telling anyone at swing about it, because they wouldn't be very impressed with our dancing. People who don't dance, on the other hand, will probably think we're totally made of awesome. And I get to pull on Janine's tie! Yay! I just wish I could dance in high heels, then it would be perfect. But Janine says I'm not allowed to break my ankle, so I probably won't.

In other news: OMG finals! I should be studying, but I got distracted looking at courses for next year. Then again, if I don't pass my finals there will be no next year, so I should really get on that studying thing.

Also: my nail polish is fantastic.

And Love Stop still hasn't called me back.

Oh, and my mom is leaving to go to Manitoba tomorrow and isn't gonna be back for a week. But no parties! I have too much studying to do :(
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Woot! I finished my Slytherine knee sock! Now I just need to make the second one! *is happy*

RHPS! RHPS! And preshow! My mom asked me if I was dressing up.
Me: DUH!
Mom: which character?
Me: a transvestite.
Mom: ...
Mom: you mean you're being a man dressed as a woman?
Me: -_-*

I don't think she's actually seen the whole thing, and has definitely never seen it in thearters.
Oh, and we went shopping as a family. My mom got herself a new outfit and two pairs of shoes. She got Jonathan a pair of shoes and a couple CDs. She got me a pair of lepard-print heels! W00t! As well as a black and white, fuzzy lepard-print hat. Not that I'm tacky enough to wear both at the same time or anything. I just really like animal prints and I have to get them while I can. Next week they'll probably be out of style again. I worked on my story while we were at the mall and I think I'm almost done the rough draft.

Anyway, we came home from the mall and my mom and I watched kinky boots. My mom thought it was fun, but not great to which I replied "It has shoes! And drag queens! And the cute girl from Sugar Rush! What more do you need?" and she just rolled her eyes at me.

Very excited. Maybe, just maybe this new years will actually be fun *crosses fingers*

Oh, and this? Describes the basic relationship between Janine and I perfectly.
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Things I got today:
- a wig
- a crop
- a pirate hat
- a vest
- leggings
- a black and purple rose
Today was fun. Janine and I lazed around last night and this morning, gothed up and went to Value Village. Janine got these huge wings and wore them all day and while we were in the toy store squealing over the new knights they had on display this guy comes over and was like "OMG you're wings are so fabulous! My friend is a designer, let me go get him" and then the guy's "friend" came over and they both squealed over Janine's wings and then they went away. It was awesome.
But I haven't done the goth thing in so long, I'd forgotten how much fun it is. And Janine makes the most adorable goth :D
Awesome, awesome day. I didn't find the boots that I wanted, but that's ok. I didn't really expect to and it was still so much fun. I'm really loving the not working on Sundays. And I'm looking forward to not working on Saturdays as well- it's only a couple more weeks. Anyway, I should go do something productive (ie: reading) although I'll actually end up lazing around and possibly writing hot lesbian fanfic. 
Either way, I'm gonna get going now.
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Went fabric and yarn shopping with Carolyn and Sade today. I'm gonna have rainbow pants made out of fleece! Yay! I also have a pair of mitts and a scarf to make.

Yarrr. The real reason why I'm updating is so I get to push the 'Update Captain's Log' button again. Cuz it's too cool.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get the pants made tonight. There're only three pieces, it shouldn't take that long. Then tomorrow I'll have to go whine to the GRST guy to overload me into 345.  Bah. Sleepy. But ANTM starts tommorrow! Oh, the joy! I also need to try and finish my reading for history and learn stuff for Latin cuz there's a quiz on Thursday. I also have to do my writing assignment. Then on Friday work starts, so I have to have my pants done by then.  The Saturday I'm working for Heritage park. The Sunday- Sunday is my day of rest. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And hopefully it won't be freezing at HP so I'll actually get time to do my reading and can slack off on Sunday (other than handing stuff in).

I'm in GRST. I ought to be paying attention. But he kinda takes a long time to say anything. Although Sade's got pages of notes and I don't. Oh well.

Anyway, I should do something. Yay! Sewing project! or should I say Yar?

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Probably because I don't really have time between classes to mess around on the internet and most of my classrooms get crappy reception. Ah, well, nothing happens anyway. Sorta. At the GRST meet & greet Sade, Carolyn and I hung out, ate free food, drank free alcohol then talked to our Latin prof who also seems to have partaken in the free alcohol. It was fun. And on Tuesday morning/early afternoon we're going fabric and yarn shopping. Because Sade and Carolyn gave me sad puppy eyes and begged me to knit them stuff. Thankfully Carolyn will be happy with a normal person scarf (read: 3 feet long and six inches wide) vs. a Caroline scarf (a foot wide and 10+ feet long) so really if my tendonitis doesn't kick my ass I should be able to finish everything in a couple weeks, then get back to my (super sexy) slytherin over-the-knee socks. Bwaha.
And we have no brown paper for me to cover my text books with. Sigh. So I'll have to steal some for work otherwise I'll get in trouble for reading my very modern looking text books at a historical park. Oh yeah, I should check buses. Joy. The only free time I get this weekend is Sunday afternoon. Which I plan on spending watching the Laberynth and possibly snuggling with Janine, if I can get a hold of her and invite her over.
Anyway. Buses. Yes.
Carolyn and Sade! My house, Tuesday 10:30 sharp!


Sep. 13th, 2006 07:52 am
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Feeling better now. I'm still not getting a weekend, but I think I may be able to pack a quick trip to Value Village into Sunday afternoon, after my CPR course. Hopefully. Unless I'm too whiped out from the week and just want to lay around and do nothing, which is likely. We shall see.
Have to leave for school in about ten minutes, oh the joy. I'm really glad I don't have much to do on Thursday; no tutorial so I don't have a class 'till 3:30 and nothing that needs doing in the evening. So I guess it's almost like a day off.
Today's errand: go to Westside after school and get indoctrinated.
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So apparently B & D doesn't make custom boots anymore. ARG! I have been waiting for YEARS to have a pair of boots made and now I think I can actually afford it, but there's no one to make them for me! The shoe repair guy told me to try calling some other guy so I may not be completely hopeless, but still. It throws a serious wrench into my plan. And FYI the Cat's Pajamas is a total old lady store. I walked in and it was ugly perm city, and the salespeople didn't even say hello to me, let alone offer to help me. So don't shop there. They suck.
And the stupid University won't let me register for English 366 EVEN THOUGH I have an email sitting in my inbox saying that I was accepted into the course.
Bah. I think I'm gonna go find a chick flick to watch and knit socks.
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I cooked something. Without a recipe. And it still turned out and tasted kinda good! I rock! I also think my cousin is a total dag and meanie. He doesn't even know where the can opener is in his own freaking house. I mean, fine, I don't know how to use a dishwasher but that's because I don't have one, you dork. You, on the other hand, have this wierd can opener that I can't figure out and you claim not to know how. What the hell do you eat when no one's around to cook for you?
That said, I'm soooooo tired. Blech.
Oh! But good news! The talent show has been cancelled. I'm so relieved. You have no idea.
And Sade and I are going shopping in Marda Loop tomorrow. I want to go somewhere cool but Kensington is too far away. Plus while I'm in Marda Loop I can drop by Casablanca video and see if they have a copy of Top of the Food Chain. I wonder if they'd let me buy it if they did? That would be so the awesome.
Anyway, HDEC campout is (hopefully) on the night of August 8th. 
I wanna sleep. But what'll actually end up happening is me going on Youtube and getting addicted to some other foreign tv series. Because I'm all caught up with Sugarrush now so I need to have something to do while I'm waiting for new episodes to come out.
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So, my dad and I went fabric shopping which was pretty good. I just hope the dress turns out well. $50 is dirt cheap for a nice dress (if it turns out nice) but it's a lot of money to waste if by the time I get the thing put together it doesn't fit or it isn't nice or something. So fingers crossed I'll see a return on my investment.
Anyway, then we went to the mall to go get supper and we were on our way out of the parking lot when the engine just up and died. We had no idea what was wrong so my dad called a tow- truck and we sat around for about an hour and a half waiting for it. My dad was pretty pissed off because he can't really afford to fix the car, but he's planning to go on his annual road trip to Ontario in a couple weeks. So I pumped OMWF and sang (badly) along to all the songs while people walking by outside pretended not to listen.
But it wasn't too bad, because I got back to my aunt's in time to catch CNTM yay! Brandi got kicked off, and she claimed if she did then she would give the judges a piece of her mind. But then all she said was 'I think you guys made a mistake' then went running off in tears. But what the hell is up with Alanna? Why is she still on the show? I'm actually afraid she's gonna win. I'm personally rooting for Sisi, and Andrea... well, we just decided that she looks like an alien. Although she actually has pretty much the same build as me, my hair's just longer. Sometimes I wonder what people see when they look at me. Maybe I look like a two-dimensional alien too, but to me I just look like me. So there.
And Janine's out driving with her dad so she wasn't there when I called ;_; hopefully she'll call me when she gets in.


May. 23rd, 2006 05:30 pm
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I didn't get as much exploring done today as I originally planned, but now I know how to get to and where to buy:
1) stamps
2) use a mailbox
3) Slurpees, chocolate bars ect.
4) nellie's café
5) a chinese resturant
6) an irish resturant
7) a liquor store
8) two different clothing alteration places
9) a hair dresser
10) a manacure place
11) a yoga studio
12) a chiropractor
13) and a pharmacy.
Next up: finding out how long it takes to bike to heritage park and buying a bike lock, unless aunt heather can find me one that works. But I still need to go downtown to buy tickets for Fairy Tales and it would probably be a good idea for me to have a decent bike lock anyway.


May. 10th, 2006 05:57 pm
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I've decided I should learn how to ride a unicycle. The way I see it there is really no downside to being able to ride a unicycle. It's faster than walking, and you can take it on the bus. They look like they're a reasonably efficient use of energy, you can take it with you wherever you go. It fits in a car. You can ride it on dirt paths, unlike roller blades/skates, skateboards and scooters. Plus if I'm ever out of work I can ride around on it and ask for change. No downside. Plus my butt has good balance (if that makes sense) so it probably wouldn't be *that* hard to learn. Plus I think you can get training wheels and stuff. So, now I have to find out where one can buy a unicycle and how expensive that would be.
Speaking of buying things I also want to get an mp3 player (what does mp3 stand for, anyway?). And I need to get some clips and stuff to hold my hair back for work.
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My mom felt like shopping today. So we went shopping, now I have some new stuff, including really cute shoes, an awesome dress and a really funky necklace. I really kinda want to wear the shoes, just, you know, around the house. Just so I can wear them and be happy. They're even relatively comfortable and fit properly! Yessssss!
In other news, picked up a whole wack of CDs from the library and have been listening to them.
Ah, Wierd Al. Where would we be without you?
Oh, and little known fact- William Shatner and Lenord Nimoy have records. I actually knew that before, because my dad actually has one of them (on vinyl). I got a CD from the library, I haven't listened to it but it looks like it's mostly covers. Wheee!
Buffy marathon tomorrow! And early Beltain fire! And Swing!

List time!

Apr. 27th, 2006 10:59 am
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Because I feel like it, here's a list of cool places to shop in Calgary. It's mostly clothes/accessories, and won't be very useful to most of you, but we'll see.

- Prarie Dog Dig
- The Witchery
- Indah
- What's in Store
- Under the Bridge
- Barbie Shop (sells clothes and fetish stuff, not dolls)
- The Penjulum (which I probably spelt wrong)
- Manana (my neighbour owns that)
- And last but not least: Value Village. If you have the patience to wade through crap for hours sometimes you can find really cool stuff for rediculously low prices.

Oh, and darling f'list, do any of you have a copy of Rasputin by Boney M that you'd be willing to share? I can give you a song in return, or write a Mary-Sue featuring you and your favorite character, or wear a sign saying [personal profile] you are the bestest person ever. Whatever you like, you just let me know. The library copy has thirty eight holds on it, if you can believe it. So I need to find some other way to get it.


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