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So today I actually managed to drag ass out of the house and go skating. When I was practising I went to the boards to get some water and Scottus Magnus comes running up saying "Tripple axel! Tripple axel!" Since I have yet to land a single I showed him a flip instead. He seemed to think it was pretty cool. Then, later, when I was leaving, he skated by and stuck out his arms and tried to look all artisitc.

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My brother seriously can't spell. Ever since he was a kid, but he hasn't gotten over it yet. He was working on something for his play and I look over his shoulder and ask him what "croo*" was helping with the "rehursal"

In other news I applied at Love Botique.

I also got nothing done during my break.

The internet's still broken on the big computer.

My computer still sucks ass.

My mom seems to be acting normal again.

Scottus Magnus wore a pale pink and chocolate brown agrile sweater vest today and my brain nearly exploded.

That is all.

*This is an inside joke dating back to our childhood. He drew a picture of power-rangeresque characters and wrote across the top "Captain fire and his Croo" (the rest of the words were probably mispelt too, but I don't remember how)
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Probably because I don't really have time between classes to mess around on the internet and most of my classrooms get crappy reception. Ah, well, nothing happens anyway. Sorta. At the GRST meet & greet Sade, Carolyn and I hung out, ate free food, drank free alcohol then talked to our Latin prof who also seems to have partaken in the free alcohol. It was fun. And on Tuesday morning/early afternoon we're going fabric and yarn shopping. Because Sade and Carolyn gave me sad puppy eyes and begged me to knit them stuff. Thankfully Carolyn will be happy with a normal person scarf (read: 3 feet long and six inches wide) vs. a Caroline scarf (a foot wide and 10+ feet long) so really if my tendonitis doesn't kick my ass I should be able to finish everything in a couple weeks, then get back to my (super sexy) slytherin over-the-knee socks. Bwaha.
And we have no brown paper for me to cover my text books with. Sigh. So I'll have to steal some for work otherwise I'll get in trouble for reading my very modern looking text books at a historical park. Oh yeah, I should check buses. Joy. The only free time I get this weekend is Sunday afternoon. Which I plan on spending watching the Laberynth and possibly snuggling with Janine, if I can get a hold of her and invite her over.
Anyway. Buses. Yes.
Carolyn and Sade! My house, Tuesday 10:30 sharp!


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