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Swing = love.

So tired. So happy. Beltaine tomorrow, then more swing dancing (in my flapper dress!). Then swing dancing all day Sunday.

Bed now.
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Went archerying. Good times. I think I may actually have built up some muscle in my arms from swimming or something, because drawing my bow wasn't particularly difficult. My finger tips on my right hand and the web between my thumb and pointer finger on my left are really sore, though. My left shoulder and neck, too.

Anyway, I was packing my stuff up at around 9:15 and so was this other guy, and I asked him if he could drop me off at a train station on his way home, and it turns out he lives in the same area as me. Words can hardly express how pleased I am about this. He basically said that I should call him on the days when I want to go and he'd drive me. He's a nice older fellow, some of his mannerisms reminds me of Silvia (my boss last summer). He's got long white hair and a beard to match, kinda Santaish. But, yes. Rides. I sorta thought I might meet someone eventually who lived in the same area as me, but I certainly wasn't expecting it on my first night. And it takes forever to get there by bus, and it's not exactly a ten-minute drive either.

I really suck at archery ;_; but I got better over the course of the evening, so that's something. I got some pointers from the guys who organize it and are all hard core and stuff. Turns out I've probably been releasing the bowstring wrong for, like, ever. And now I know how to do it right but I just need to break the habit. They also told me not to worry much about aiming and just focus on learning to shoot and having the right stance and stuff.

Oh, and almost everyone had obviously modern equipment so that made me happy. It was kinda funny seeing all these normal looking people with normal looking modern bows and really nifty authenticish quivers and wrist guards.

Anyway, it was really nice. Sadly it's on the same night as swing, and logistically I really don't think I can do both in one night, just cuz they're too far apart. I'll have to alternate, but shooting once every two weeks probably won't be enough for me to improve much. Oh well. I'm not ditching swing for archery, because while I enjoy archery swing is much more fun.

I should go sleep now. I'm really tired Zzzz
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So, I suppose I ought to make an entry about 12th night. Basically, it was awesome. I felt much less like a stupid n00b and I still don't really know anyone, but that will come. I spend most of the day sitting around tatting lace, and sometimes when people were passing by they would stop and look at it and talk to me about it. Everyone told me it was beautiful (there's a picture on my DA account, username: carrieliney). Yay. I was doing the same thing. Whenever I got up to wander around I would look at what people were doing and if it was something interesting I would ask them about it. I talked to they spinning lady and the Arts and Science lady. A & S night is now being held somewhere that I can actually get to easily! W00t. So, if anyone needs me on the first Wednesday of the month you'll know where to find me.

Anyway, I got a TON of tatting done, and I only have an couple hours worth left to do before I can sew it onto my chemise. Yay!

One of the things I love about the SCA is that you can spend as much or as little money as you want on stuff there. You can buy beautiful handmade dishes for a high price, or you can get simple, but still nice stuff for under $5. I got a wooden plate and spoon for only $4, and a bunch of fabric-- probably 2 or 3 yards each of black and white for $5.

There were also so many beautiful costumes. I felt incredibly drab in my early Celtic garb, but getting to see all the Elizabethan and Tudor era gowns was a real treat. I got to see how women moved in hoop skirts, what kind of fabric they used, what kind of embellishments. The idea of making a Tudor gown (which is what I plan to do when I'm finished my Victorian gown) is incredibly intimidating. Unlike Victorian, there are no authentic patterns comercially available for Tudor gowns. Granted, the patters are fairly simple, but I'm still very nervous about making them.

Anyway, it was a good night and I'm really glad to be past the glaring n00b stage.
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Blood and Chocolate= too lame for words. The fact that it didn't follow the book AT ALL didn't bother me so much as the fact that it was a very, very bad movie. Very bad. I'd say it's about level with the second Underworld, except I might actually see Underworld II a second time. Not so much for Blood and Chocolate. So, in conclusion:
Blood and Chocolate: * (only because the werewolves actually looked like wolves when they transformed)
Characters: lame
Plot: lamer
Dialogue: not great
Kinda like: every other lame werewolf movie out there.

the Death by Chocolate party, on the other hand, really kind of rocked. Soooooo full. Yummy. Sleepy now. Must do homework tomorrow, and maybe go to Buddhist church. Carolyn's found a Latin mass, which sounds like it would be really cool, but actually would probably end up be pretty boring. There's a talk thing at school in a second week through the GLBT club at my school and the Chaplain's center about homosexuallity, the bible and not hating. I'll probably go to that, it sounds interesting. I'll probably be a huge keener and bring my bible and some sticky notes. But whatever, it could actually have some possible use for my Old Testament class, you never know. Although I bet my prof has probably gotten quite a few papers about homosexuality in the bible (from both camps) but whatever. I want to go.

Is it wierd that I'm spending so much time at the Chaplain's centre? Maybe. Do I care? No.

My birthday in a week! I'm lazy so I'm not actually having a party, but everyone come swing dancing on Saturday night. I'm bringing cake!
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So Coronet was fun. Crowded (at one point I had to go to the very end of the back hall, just so I could have a bit of relatively quiet alone time). But that's ok. Fun. Oh, Janine, you left your camera in my bad so I have it now.

Anyway. Doing all my homework Sunday evening? Less fun. Doing it while my brother and mom argued about the stupidest stuff right there in the same room with me? Cue spaze!caroline. At least they left me alone after that. They did continue arguing, but quietly and in a different room. But yes, I'm super cranky cuz I'm tired. The nap I had in the car helped, but wasn't enough for me to withstand mom and Jonathan fighting about money while I'm trying to figure out why the hell Europa liked Jupiter even though he turned into a bull and kidnapped her. In Latin. Oh baby. And third declension nouns? Suck. A lot.

Two weeks of class, then exams, then freedom! (I thought it was only one, but I was wrong). And I think I've changed my mind about getting a Christmas job. I don't want to do anything. At all. Well, maybe I'll go job hunting so I can still quit coaching. But I have no intention of working hard. I'm gonna watch Xena, write a short story and do my project for English. But mainly watch Xena. Now I'm gonna go have a shower (can't have baths because the dye in my hair still runs when I wash it) and if there's time, watch and episode of Xena instead of study for my Latin quiz.


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