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June events!

June 3- (tentatively) the GRAND tour of Heritage Park, lead by the illustrius and knowledgable (but mediocre speller) assistant curator.
June 7- Fake Moustache. Amature drag competition in the early show, so make damn sure you come. There's a second preformance later in the month, but I don't actually know when.
June 10- Gay pride parade and street Gala
June long weekend- RHPS
June 23- Swing dancing. Same bat time, same back place.

It's really sad, because I don't know anything else interesting that's happening, and it's PRIDE MONTH! And yet I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! CAPSLOCK OF DOOOOOOOM!!!

*cough* yeah, so if anyone can tell me what else is happening this month I'd appreciate it.
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Woot! I finished my Slytherine knee sock! Now I just need to make the second one! *is happy*

RHPS! RHPS! And preshow! My mom asked me if I was dressing up.
Me: DUH!
Mom: which character?
Me: a transvestite.
Mom: ...
Mom: you mean you're being a man dressed as a woman?
Me: -_-*

I don't think she's actually seen the whole thing, and has definitely never seen it in thearters.
Oh, and we went shopping as a family. My mom got herself a new outfit and two pairs of shoes. She got Jonathan a pair of shoes and a couple CDs. She got me a pair of lepard-print heels! W00t! As well as a black and white, fuzzy lepard-print hat. Not that I'm tacky enough to wear both at the same time or anything. I just really like animal prints and I have to get them while I can. Next week they'll probably be out of style again. I worked on my story while we were at the mall and I think I'm almost done the rough draft.

Anyway, we came home from the mall and my mom and I watched kinky boots. My mom thought it was fun, but not great to which I replied "It has shoes! And drag queens! And the cute girl from Sugar Rush! What more do you need?" and she just rolled her eyes at me.

Very excited. Maybe, just maybe this new years will actually be fun *crosses fingers*

Oh, and this? Describes the basic relationship between Janine and I perfectly.
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so Rocky Horror tickets for new years eve are $35. Doors open at eight, preshows 'till midnight. Sounds like fun... BUT there's also a big band playing some event that's $150 a ticket, but swing club people might be able to get in free because we'd be proving entertainment. On the bright side, RHPS is showing on the 29th and 30th too for $10 so we could do both. maybe. hmm.


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