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Watched Repo! The Genetic Opera last night. All I can say about it is WTF? It's like Sweeny Todd, RHPS, the Addams Family and Interview with a Vampire had an orgy of weirdness and this was the result. I don't even know where to start. It's just WTF?
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Cloverfield: ***1/2
Plot: Pretty run of the mill monstersmash! plot, but de-familiarized and made interesting
Characters: Surprisingly developed for a horror movie-- although I don't think I'd call it horror. More of a drama.
Dialogue: not terrible. Heavy on the four letter words, but I guess it was in character.
Kinda like: if Titanic and Godzilla had a baby.

I was very surprised that I liked it. And I was surprised that I like the camera work. Yeah, it was kind of annoying, but that's what made the movie work on an emotional level. It placed you directly into the story, rather than just allowed you to watch the story unfold (and yet the same technique failed totally and utterly with Blair Witch Project). I was kinda sad about the end, but that's the only way the movie could have ended. I love it when a terrible looking movie is actually really good. It's almost better than seeing a movie that I expect to be good and it is.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 10:04 pm
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Love of My Life: *****
Plot: surprisingly well put together for something generally described as fluff. While it definitely has the feel good fluffy feeling, the plot is much more complex than simple fluff.
Characters: realistic, well defined and I totally identified with one, which scores some major points.
Dialogue: hard to tell because it was subtitled. But it seemed quite good, from what I could tell.
Kinda like: Better than Chocolate, except with cute Japanese girls and more plot (and less chocolate).

I am in such a good mood now. That movie just makes me happy, like playing with bunnies and eating cookies and looking at rainbows all rolled into one. I have GOT to get a copy of this film.

Also: I ran into Bree at a coffee shop. Haven't seen her since jr. high. She recognized me (sort of) and I had no idea who she was at first. Interesting, though.


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