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My arky prof asked us to answer the question "Do you think the theory of natural selection and biological diversity is compatible with religious beliefs?" and hand it in. He is not giving us marks for this. He also did not indicate which religion he was talking about.

My response was two pages long (with two fairly long footnotes quibbling about fairly minor biblical points). Considering the fact that I could easily have written a long, rambling paper on this I think this was quite restrained.

But seriously, what kind of dumbass asks "is _____ compatible with religion?"? Either my prof is very uninformed about religion or he's doing this on purpose in the hopes of riling up someone like me. I really hope it's the later, because I don't want to believe that someone as highly educated as him could be so dim.
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Today I was whining to my mom about how cool all the religion people are and how I wanna be a religion major. She shrugged, then said maybe I could do a master's in religion.

"Oh, right," says I, "because that'll totally help me find a job."

"You could preach," replies my mom.

I would not want to preach for any established Christian group (that I know of) but it got me thinking that if I were to create my own brand of dirty-liberal-queer-hippy Christianity what would it look like? I'm not planning to convert to Christianity because the one God thing really doesn't work for me. If I was going to accept a single deity it would be a Goddess, and I think I'd have trouble starting a Christian sect that worshiped Goddess instead of God. At best I could claim that God is sexless and use gender neutral pronouns. But for the record I don't actually believe this, this is just what I would believe if, for some reason, I had to become a (very strange) Christian.

Anyway, I came up with some doctrine of CaroChristianity:

Thou shalt recycle thy plastic and thy paper... )


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