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Photography by James Tworow.

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Yesterday I read Herodotus for fun. Today I practiced unicycling. In the rain. Directly after riding my bike for half an hour (also in the rain).

Yep, I think I've officially gone crazy.
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Today I got arrested.

Well, not really. Today was some kind of police training day at Heritage Park so the place was over-run with cops and cops-in-training, and they spent the day chasing each other around and one thing or another. I convinced one to handcuff me because I wanted to see if I could get out of real handcuffs.

I can.

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My legs and the tops of my feet are red with sunburn. I have a two-inch bruise where I got blood drawn. I didn't get to go to the bookstore with my mom, aunt & co. because there wasn't enough room in the car.

But I'm happy.

I also forgot to mention that I saw Thomas the Tank Engine. The full sized one. He's actually pretty small, I think my boss mentioned he was only nine feet long. He also doesn't have a motor so they just stuck him onto the front of the train and pushed him around. Kind of dissapointing. But still! I saw him. Sadly didn't have a chance to take pictures. But trains are cool. I like trains.

Also: my mom's going back to work next week!
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Good News )

Bad News )
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Ok, so the plan is approaching being official: on Saturday we're going to Banff! Wheee.

Also: almost done school. Just two more exams.

And Love Stop still hasn't called me back *grumble*
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So. I was trying to plan which courses to take next year and they're hardly offering anything that I want/need to take OMGWTFBBQ!!!11!11! So I'm just going to keep telling myself they haven't finished updating the new calendar yet so I don't freak out. Is it too much to ask to want to finish a BA in four years? I didn't think so.

Buuuuut, on the bright side, I slept over at Janine's last night, but roomie was there >:(. Still good, though. We started sketching out the routine we're gonna do for Fake Moustache, then today we went shopping and Janine got a suit and shoes. We are gonna be SO FREAKING FABULOUS. So you'd all better come and cheer us on! We're not actually telling anyone at swing about it, because they wouldn't be very impressed with our dancing. People who don't dance, on the other hand, will probably think we're totally made of awesome. And I get to pull on Janine's tie! Yay! I just wish I could dance in high heels, then it would be perfect. But Janine says I'm not allowed to break my ankle, so I probably won't.

In other news: OMG finals! I should be studying, but I got distracted looking at courses for next year. Then again, if I don't pass my finals there will be no next year, so I should really get on that studying thing.

Also: my nail polish is fantastic.

And Love Stop still hasn't called me back.

Oh, and my mom is leaving to go to Manitoba tomorrow and isn't gonna be back for a week. But no parties! I have too much studying to do :(
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I woke up this morning cranky. Not just any cranky, but OMG I HATE THE WORLD *SPAZ OUT* cranky. Wierd. I had this dream where I got something stuck between my teeth and when I tried to pick it out my tooth broke, and then I was spitting out pieces of broken tooth. Not fun. Usually when I have teeth dreams they come out in one piece.

I suppose this means I'm stressed or being pulled in too many directions or something.

Anyway, I told my mom I was cranky and she gave me the mysterious extra cream egg. See, we got three cream eggs and my brother and I each are pretty convinced we've had one, yet there were two left. Anyway, I got an extra one so yay!

And I have one class today, then I have to see my shrink (boo. I always feel kind of down after talking to her. Oh well.) Then Carolyn is coming back to my house and we're doing the Bermuda Shorts Day get totally drunk thing.

Then the scambling to get my essay done on Saturday before the gender bender thing.

Should be fun. I'll keep you posted.
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That's right, for a whole two minutes I'll be up on stage reading stuff that I wrote! Oh, the excitment! So come to Craige Hall at 7 tonight. I think there'll be food. At least, that's what I've been telling people so if it turns out I'm wrong everyone's gonna be pissed at me.

In other news... um... hafta write an essay today. It's not due 'till Sunday night, but since I'm going to be drinking all weekend (Bermuda Shorts Day tomorrow and Gender Bender on Saturday) I'd best get this thing written now.
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Sigh. School = lame.

But swing was fun. I like Jonathan's girlfriend. She's nice, fun, takes my side :D At one point we were talking and she mentioned she had Jo's hoodie and blazer at her house and I was all "WTF? Who leaves clothes at other people's houses? What do they wear home? Oh, yeah, Janine, I meant to give you your pants back" it was great because I'd totally forgotten until that point that I did have Janine's pants because she lent them to me when we went to Fake Moustache because it was cold out.

Then we went swing dancing and it was like invasion of the n00bs. Ick. And Janine's learning to lead, I'm starting to get to the point where I actually can lead and it was a nice night.

I've also found one way of managing my angst which sorta seems to be working. When I start feeling so shitty I can't really do anything I just go to sleep for a while. Usually when I wake up I feel a little better. The problem is, I don't get a whole lot done while I'm asleep. Plus if I'm at school it's hard to find an empty couch. I've actually been seriously thinking about seeing a therapist again, but I'm still wishy washy on that count. I am going to try and get a massage appointment for next week, though.

Tomorrow Carolyn and I are going fabric shopping. I'm only there to take pictures so she can check with the person she's making a dress for, but still. It'll be nice to get out of the house. There's also going to be frantic studying for my religion midterm and frantic re-writing of my story for English. The whole thing is one big tell (as opposed to show) and I kinda knew that, even before Sade told me. But I'm kind of impressed with the fact that, under the circumstances, I was able to write anything that even remotely made sense. I don't usually do a lot of writing when I'm depressed. I've actually thought about telling my profs about said circumstances, but I don't really tihnk it would accomplish much. I'll still have to write exams and papers and stories, and I'm not the first one to be in a situation like this, so really I don't see much point.

So, yeah. I'm hanging on. I'd say as much as half the time I feel fairly normal, which is good. I'm looking forward to having lunch with Sade and Carolyn on Wendsday. I like it when people bring me food :P

I also have an idea for my final story. It's gonna be kinda Sugar Rushish, that is, a central, messed up character surrounded by other messed up characters who manages not to slit their own wrists at the end of the day. I'll probably change my mind a bunch of times, but once my current story is handed in I want to start on the next one, so there's none of this writing a story in a weekend crap again. I also should start my term paper -_-*
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Bleh. I do not feel very well today, although it's probably more mental than physical. School is kicking my ass. Life is kicking my ass. And I really, really don't wanna go to school today. But I have to. So I will.

I also didn't want to go to the feast at the Hare Krishna temple last night, but I did anyway. I feel more confident about writing my story now. And it was cool, there was chanting and a little dancing and the food was pretty good. Everyone there was east Indian, so we couldn't have been more obvious about being n00bs if we'd had it stamped across our foreheads (by we I mean my mom, Sade and I). The priest guy also gave us each the Hare Krishna equivalent of a bible. It has pretty pictures in it. There's a big festival this Saturday and Sade said she wanted to go, and I asked Janine and she said we could go before swing. I like it, I guess. I'm just not really enthusiastic about much at the moment. In a couple days I'm sure I'll be more excited.

I'm actually thinking I should go do the meditation thing instead of skate today, but I really, really should skate. I only went once last week and I'm testing this month -_-*

Um. Swing Tuesday, ANTM Wendsday, Fake Moustache Thursday, Hare Krishna festival and swing on Saturday. I should be more excited.

Oh, I also had a dream I could unicycle and do half turns and stuff. On grass. It was cool. I also had a bad dream right before I woke up though, and that wasn't so cool.
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I'm not going on the Rome trip after all-- too expensive. So Sade and I decided we'd go together after we finished our BAs.

My friend's dad has flesheating disease. Words can not describe how bad that sucks. I feel bad for him, but worse for Stephany.  He's been in intensive care for a few days and hasn't really gotten any better or worse. Poor guy. When I die I hope it's from something normal, preferrably being hit by a car and killed instantly. None of this long, drawn-out suffering crap.

I think I still have school stuff mostly under control. One of my two classes was cancelled today, which is ok but not great. So I'll be coming home for supper instead of hanging around at school.

Blood and chocolat on Thursday, still very excited about that! It's also the day that Janine's brother is leaving to go study in Australia, so party at Janine's on Friday! (no, you're not invited :p). And a week from Thursday is Fake Moustach, which I am so totally stoked for, then on Saturday it's swing and my birthday. I'm turning 20 ahhhhhhhh! At least I don't have grey hairs yet :P

Anyway, should get on that reading thing.
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So, I was playing the sims and just getting started when I realized that my brother had stolen my girlfriend. WTF! So naturally I stole her back and seriously had to supress the urge to kill Jonathan's sim. Loser.

In other news: today I read the entire 'u' section in the dictionary.
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I have to go see my English prof tomorrow to get my mark. I'm actually quite terrified. I know I haven't produced much writing of value and my grades in other courses this semester have been crappy so why should this be any different? I think I will have to take one of those 'how to study' workshops. Bah. Humbug. Ect.

On a happy note: today I made penut-butter marshmellow squares. Yum.

Midwinter went pretty well, although everyone had somewhere to be this morning so they all left by ten o'clock. That was kinda strange. Anyway, I recieved some very nice, very thoughtful gifts (David Bowie on vinyl! OMG!) so I hope everyone liked the things I gave them.

Anyway. I am going to try very hard not to spaz out about school until I get all of my final marks back, at which point I'll probably have an anurism. But until then I will watch Xen and knit my sock.

Oh, and a girl in my Latin class asked me to knit her a Ravenclaw scarf, although when I worked out how much I'd be charging her it was like, $50, plus materials. I told her this, along with the fact I already have a bunch of knitting projects planned so it'll probably be a couple months before I'll be able to get to it anyway. So I'll be kind of amazed if she still wants me to make her one, but I totally will if she does. We'll see. Anyway, off to Xena! yiyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!!!

Two more

Dec. 13th, 2006 10:42 am
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I have an exam in about four hours and another tomorrow. then I'm done! FREEEEEEEE (ish).

So call me Thursday night. We'll chill.
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  1. Bowling was fun. Dad and Susan, Jonathan and his "friend" Jessica and Janine and I were all on teams, Janine and mine had about half the score of everyone else which I'm told is a bad thing. But I enjoyed it. Shopping after was ok, but Coles didn't have the book I need to I have to get out to chapters sometime before Saturday. Anyway, it was cool. Then we went ...
  2. Back to my dad's and played board games. First we played Life, and when I got married my brother stuck a blue peg in my car and was like 'haha! You're marrying a man!' to which I replied 'that's totally not fair!' and then Janine got a pink peg. Jonathan tried to give dad a blue peg, but dad refused to keep it. Then I went on to have a bunch of kids. Ironically enough, Janine didn't. Anyway, we sat around for a while listening to Wierd Al until we went...
  3. To Swing. Which is always fun, but this time I learned something that totally blew my mind. Ok, get this everyone. Robert, tall, swanky, dark haired, impeccibly dressed, never sweaty Robert, who I was completely convinced was about as flamingly gay as you can get, isn't! OMGWTFBBQ???? He was holding hands with a girl, fingers entwined, and their legs were just barely touching each other, and they were leaning in together. Definitely more than friendly. Janine and I do that all the time. Also, Carolyn looked kinda upset about something, which adds and interesting piece to the puzzle. After I saw the hand-holding Janine and I tried very hard to not look like we were staring. It was fun. But mindblowing. But fun. I also got a surprising amount of studying done at swing, but also managed to get a bit of dancing done as well. Go me.

Anyway, now I have to get back to studying. But I think I have everything kinda under control.
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So, I uh... kinda set a dish towel on fire today >.< but it's ok! Apparently my mom's set it on fire before too, so it's not a big deal.
Finals are coming. So is Christmas. I'll have three weeks of doing nothing (by which I mean doing a bunch of stuff for English, sewing, ect.) before school starts up again in January. Oh, joy.
The Great Bowling Double Date is tomorrow. Also fun. Hopefully. And swing. And then mad cramming before my Anthro final on Monday.
I should be studying now. I think I'll have a snack first.
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I had a dream I was at the olympic oval and wakling around with my skates on before practice, and I kept forgetting they were on and trying to run around and stuff and I couldn't. Then I found Steve and he was really upset and asked me for relationship advice. I asked him if he wanted me to get him a tissue and he said said, and I was getting it then I woke up. I'd kinda like to know what dream!steve was gonna ask, but oh well.
Jazz concert tonight. I should be working on my paper, but I'm not. I'm sure I'll be able to pull it together, even if I spend the whole weekend doing nothing useful. I'll bring books and post-its to Coronet. It'll be fine.

So, uh...

Oct. 15th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Still can't find Sugar Rush anywhere. Been trying Limewire but if someone does have what I'm looking for they have the wrong type of connection/wrong format so I can't download it. Looks like I'll be stuck with youtube until I can figuer this thing out. I guess I'm just not suited to a life of crime. Also school? Sucks.
The Zombie walk was cool though. It was a little too long, but it was still ok. Halloween's comeing up. Still need a wig.
I want a nap. I believe I will go take one.
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I passed  my Latin quiz! I passed my Latin quiz! I passed my Latin quiz! 23/31 baby! (yes, I know it's not great, but it's better than a fail!)
And my first kid didn't show up for his lesson today, so I am sitting around updating my blog and getting paid for it! I've got another lesson that canceled so I'll be spending half an hour doing nothing and sadly not getting paid for it, so expect an update in about half an hour.
Lalala. Last day of work tomorrow! Then drinking! And singing! And no doubt Steve will get all confused if Janine and I do the holding hands in public thing again >:D maybe I should warn him... nah.
Monday off! Woot! I still have skating practise though, I have yet to decide whether I'll actually go or not. I'll see what I feel like when the time comes.
Oh, Janine, could I borrow your cat ears? Next week is Friday the thirteenth.


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