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A few days ago my mom and I were grocery shopping and we came across this:
Let the adventure begin! (picspan ahead) )

And as a special bonus picture:
My new unicycle and hoop )

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Photography by James Tworow.

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Ok, when I made my first post this morning I didn't realize just how much snow there was outside. So I'm making another post! Sorry for spamming you guys, but I think this is really, really cool.

About half an hour before I had to leave for school I decided I should probably shovel the walk, despite the fact it was (and still is) snowing like Satan's dandruff. So I shoveled the walk, but by the time I was done there was already a thin layer of snow on the part of the walk that I shoveled first. Sigh. Also, when I was in the middle of shoveling I heard this crack and turned around to see a big branch from the tree in my front yard falling to the ground. I had been shoveling in that particular spot less than five minutes ago. I dragged the branch into the yard so it wouldn't block the sidewalk. It wasn't that heavy, so it probably wouldn't have damaged me in a severe way if it had fallen on me, but I'm still glad I wasn't under it.

Then I decided to document this event, because the last time we had this much snow was in jr. high, and my friend Michaela got stuck at my house for the weekend. Anyway, in conclusion, it's been a while since we had this much snow.

EDIT: (11:55) oh noes! It's slowing down D:
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It's almost one in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Blarg.

I looked up all the text books I need, and tomorrow I'm going to the university to get my new bus pass sticker thingie and buy books (hopefully the stores will be open *crosses fingers*)

Um. What else? I've decided that as long as I'm not going to be sleeping I might as well try and do something useful, hence research ect.

I'm also taking commissions for knitting projects. There are a bunch of pictures of some recent things I've made behind the cut, along with descriptions and explanations. I designed almost everything (exceptions will be noted) and created the patterns from scratch, some of them from photographs.


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