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So, I just found some music that I thought I'd lost off of Edgar. Apparently I also ripped the CDs onto the big computer, so I still have Arrogant Worms and Marc Cohn. That makes me happy. Not happy enough to want to do my homework, but enough to brighten my day a bit.
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So, yesterday Janine and I exchanged her ring so now it actually fits (albiet on her index finger), after which I cried my eyes out and probably got her jacket all wet, but I felt better after and she gave me kleenex and then walked me to skating before she left. Then I went to English, where my story was torn to shreds and I'm left wondering why the hell the chose me for this class, anyway, if I suck so much. Still haven't gotten the nerve to start going through all the critiques people wrote for me. Sigh.

BUT despite all that I still feel ok, normal. I would almost say happy. Not quite sure how that works. After class last night some of us from the class, including the prof, went out for drinks. We went the the grad lounge, which was all fancy and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the waitress was drunk. She spilled beer everywhere, forgot to bring half of the drinks to the table, then, while cleaning up another table dropped a whole bunch of plates and stuff. I find it pretty suprising how the service at the Den, which is the student bar on campus, is much better than at the grad lounge.

I also got my digital camera which is super-nifty, except it needs a memory card. At present I can take about eight pictures. Yipee. Jo also gave me a Stray Cats CD. The music sounds 50's but it was actually recorded in the 80's and 90's. It also has that song about the cat they always play at the beginner lesson at swing.

Speaking of which, swing lesson tonight!

I also finished sewing the mittens for [personal profile] remeciel and will hopefully probably send them today at some point, if I can get Sade to show me the best/fastest/cheapest way to do so.

And now I should stop procrasinating.
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There are NO movies coming out that I want to see, but my brother and I were bored so we went to see Eragon.
I didn't have very high expectations, since the book wasn't great. But the movie is even worse of the book. Imagine:

1 cup Lord of the Rings
1 cup Star wars
a dash of dragons
add fantasy clich├ęs to taste

And you have Eragon. Helpful animal companion! Magic sword! Special chosen one! A prophecy! A kindly old mentor (with a long, drawn out death scene)! A badly trained boy beating an all-powerful bad guy! Good guys who seem to die but don't! A love interest (as predicted in the prophecy) who's an elf! Good guys winning the battle even though they're horribly out numbered! The protagonist's tragic past! 

I could go on. But I won't. Instead I'll upload some of my favorite songs (read: randomly picked because I like them) for a belated Christmas present to all of you. (If I can figure out how).

Under your Spell
Shoop Shoop Song
Lullaby for a stormy night

Ok, I hope this works, and the links lead to the right songs. If not, sorry all. But technology isn't my strong suit. That's why I'm only doing three- In case it doesn't work.
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My mom felt like shopping today. So we went shopping, now I have some new stuff, including really cute shoes, an awesome dress and a really funky necklace. I really kinda want to wear the shoes, just, you know, around the house. Just so I can wear them and be happy. They're even relatively comfortable and fit properly! Yessssss!
In other news, picked up a whole wack of CDs from the library and have been listening to them.
Ah, Wierd Al. Where would we be without you?
Oh, and little known fact- William Shatner and Lenord Nimoy have records. I actually knew that before, because my dad actually has one of them (on vinyl). I got a CD from the library, I haven't listened to it but it looks like it's mostly covers. Wheee!
Buffy marathon tomorrow! And early Beltain fire! And Swing!

List time!

Apr. 27th, 2006 10:59 am
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Because I feel like it, here's a list of cool places to shop in Calgary. It's mostly clothes/accessories, and won't be very useful to most of you, but we'll see.

- Prarie Dog Dig
- The Witchery
- Indah
- What's in Store
- Under the Bridge
- Barbie Shop (sells clothes and fetish stuff, not dolls)
- The Penjulum (which I probably spelt wrong)
- Manana (my neighbour owns that)
- And last but not least: Value Village. If you have the patience to wade through crap for hours sometimes you can find really cool stuff for rediculously low prices.

Oh, and darling f'list, do any of you have a copy of Rasputin by Boney M that you'd be willing to share? I can give you a song in return, or write a Mary-Sue featuring you and your favorite character, or wear a sign saying [personal profile] you are the bestest person ever. Whatever you like, you just let me know. The library copy has thirty eight holds on it, if you can believe it. So I need to find some other way to get it.
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So, I was working on my essay and had some music going- Bowie, Abba, Tatu, Once More with Feeling. Y'know, the usual. Then Jonathan walked in and started shaking his head at me.
Me: What? I like this song!
Jo: Why?
Me: I dunno.
Jo: Why do you like fake lesbians singing?
Me: Why don't you?
Jo: *Walks away without answering*
So you can see that I won that argument. My dad actually said he likes tatu. With the sound off, of course. I'm guessing he's reffering to music videos or whatever. I didn't ask, I really, really don't want to know.
And since this seems to be The Gay Post I guess I'll mention the fun stuff that happened at swing on the weekend! Wheee! So, in point form, because I like point form:
  • Robert and Alec danced together (Rob led)
  • Danny and Steve Blues danced (Steve led)
  • Robert followed (a girl was leading)
Plus there were girls dancing together, but that happens all the time anyway and no one cares. Oh, and Robert and Alec both really sucked at being follows. It gives me so much satisfaction to see people who are so good dance badly. It makes me feel better about all the times I've danced badly with them.
So after Steph's bday party on Saturday her dad drove me to the dance and we were talking about swing and stuff and I mentioned that I could lead and he was all "But you're not suppose to lead!" To which I replied that most of the girls could lead and a lot of guys could follow. I didn't mention that guys regulairly danced with each other (and sometimes groped). Oh, yeah, Robert got groped by Blues Heather, and Trevor got groped by Robert. Ah, Steph's parents. If only they knew. But they wouldn't freak like some *cough*Janine*cough* people's parents would if they found out all the stuff I got up to. Steph's parents would just smile and nod and change the subject. It's nice- they're so religious but they don't try to shove it down anyone's throat. Although it kind of sucks cuz I feel like I have to censor everything I say when I'm around Steph and family. But that's OK, it's good to practise having conversations without swearing or saying something obscene.
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It's head is all brown and has a few spots on it's back, but the rest is white. Guess maybe spring is coming after all. It's nice to see it, especially after that cyote ate a rabbit on my neighbor's lawn. It's just sitting there, doing it's bunny thing. I wonder how/why it wanted to get into my back yard? It's all fenced in and stuff, no easy escape routs. Hum.
In other news the workshop was fabulous, although I'm actually kinda glad I didn't do the whole thing. I was pretty knocked out as it was and had a nice nap at Janine's. I always seem to nap there, but never at home. Anyway, got home and I couldn't sleep. Sigh. Shoulda let Janine sleep when she wanted to. She's way nicer than me- she hardly poked me at all. It's a shame we were both so zonked, as her brother was so totally NOT home all day. Oh well.
My mom thinks I'm starving to death or something. She never makes my lunch unless she thinks I'm not eating enough. Then again apparently I only need one square meal a day, plus a small breakfast and snacks. So maybe she's right. Oh well, the point is she made me a sandwhich. A big one.
Have a long list of things to do on my break today. Hopefully I'll actually get some of that stuff done.
Yay! My Vienna Teng CD has FINALLY come in! Now I just have to get down to Market Mall to pick it up. I could get my dad to bring me on the weekend, but I want it now! I don't really have time to go there during break because there's so much other stuff I have to do, and I'm not keen on going after school.
Last swing lesson tomorrow *tear*


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