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I'm almost done my steampunk costume:

More on my DA.

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Today was a lazy day. I had a really excellent nap, and I did a bit of knitting. And by a bit I mean I started a legwarmer and am now about half finished.
Mah legwarmer )
And now I'm watching Sense and Sensibility. The Regency era puzzles me. How do you go from giant paniers and stuff, to a glorified nightie, and then back to huge, elaborate skirts? I don't get it.

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Ahoy maties! After long last I have good pictures of my mourning gown. Go look at them or I'll buckle your swash so hard your grandchildren will be born landlubbers.
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You guys?

Now onto the gown itself!
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Ok, when I made my first post this morning I didn't realize just how much snow there was outside. So I'm making another post! Sorry for spamming you guys, but I think this is really, really cool.

About half an hour before I had to leave for school I decided I should probably shovel the walk, despite the fact it was (and still is) snowing like Satan's dandruff. So I shoveled the walk, but by the time I was done there was already a thin layer of snow on the part of the walk that I shoveled first. Sigh. Also, when I was in the middle of shoveling I heard this crack and turned around to see a big branch from the tree in my front yard falling to the ground. I had been shoveling in that particular spot less than five minutes ago. I dragged the branch into the yard so it wouldn't block the sidewalk. It wasn't that heavy, so it probably wouldn't have damaged me in a severe way if it had fallen on me, but I'm still glad I wasn't under it.

Then I decided to document this event, because the last time we had this much snow was in jr. high, and my friend Michaela got stuck at my house for the weekend. Anyway, in conclusion, it's been a while since we had this much snow.

EDIT: (11:55) oh noes! It's slowing down D:
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Finally done my chemise! And I'm wearing the corset I made a while ago too.

There are a bunch more pictures at on my deviant art gallery
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It's almost one in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Blarg.

I looked up all the text books I need, and tomorrow I'm going to the university to get my new bus pass sticker thingie and buy books (hopefully the stores will be open *crosses fingers*)

Um. What else? I've decided that as long as I'm not going to be sleeping I might as well try and do something useful, hence research ect.

I'm also taking commissions for knitting projects. There are a bunch of pictures of some recent things I've made behind the cut, along with descriptions and explanations. I designed almost everything (exceptions will be noted) and created the patterns from scratch, some of them from photographs.

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Done my tailcoat, basically. I just have to make the frogs and sew those on, which'll likely be an enormous pain in the ass and take forever. But I do have a coat that fits. Joy.

I also wrote about a third of a page of Yde & Olive, but I think I should've started it earlier, so I'll be doing that over, probably. Oh, sigh.
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1. Work

Still liking my job. I did inventory today, as well as put the textiles that were in storage into exhibits. Tomorrow I get to debug the windows. Joy. And one of the girls I work with, P, is starting to irritate me. When we're in the exhibts she'll like, play with stuff. The old stuff. She was actually fanning herself with this really old fan, which was broken and I told her to knock it off and she didn't seem to think that playing with broken old stuff was really a problem. Grah. M really isn't that impressed either (M has a minor in museum and heritage studies, while P has her first year in polisci). So... yes. It'll be interesting to see how that goes. I'm getting my costume fitted a week from tomorrow, so that should be interesting.

2. Mother's day

My aunt had this big barbeque and I ended up dragging [profile] happy_fish_87 with me. It wasn't bad. We hid in empty rooms and chatted, and had a game of tag in the back yard. This little two-year-old girl joined in, except she really didn't seem to understand the rules. So while the Fish and I were charging around, chasing each other in circles (it wasn't a particularly large back yard) we looked up and saw my mom, aunt and a few other women staring out the window at us, watching us run around like fools. In the rain. Oh yes.

Then I gave my mom her boob:

When I gave the boob to my mom it reminded my aunt of the gift she'd gotten me a while ago and it turned out to be Yak wool! What can be cooler than Yak wool? It's for spinning, and I've heard stuff made from yak wool is super, super warm. The thing is, since the stuff she got me is 100% yak it doesn't actually work for spinning, so I need to figure out how to process it in order to actually use it. But I want to finish spinning the wool I already have anyway, just to finish one project at a time, and also to get more practice before using the really delux stuff.

So that is basically my weekend. Um. I should work on making something. Like the tailcoat I've been sewing since February, or the mate to the rainbow sock I finished a while ago. Or my spinning. Or my rope. But my hands are kinda cold. Plus I'm almost done reading my book (Tipping the Velvet) and I'm really afraid it'll have a fairy-tale ending. It's definitely heading in that direction, and for once I don't want the protagonist to live happily ever after. I don't think she deserves it, and I don't think she would appreciate it much either. But that's my opinion. I'll have to see where it actually goes. Good book. You should read it.


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