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Today was a lazy day. I had a really excellent nap, and I did a bit of knitting. And by a bit I mean I started a legwarmer and am now about half finished.
Mah legwarmer )
And now I'm watching Sense and Sensibility. The Regency era puzzles me. How do you go from giant paniers and stuff, to a glorified nightie, and then back to huge, elaborate skirts? I don't get it.

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Found my scarf.

It has occured to me that as a knitter I really ought to have a huge pile of scarves, but I don't. When I was trying to find a scarf to wear to school today I had to resort to the pink and white hello kitty monstrosity that was hiding in the back of my closet. It's not even a scarf that I knit myself. I am so ashamed.

Am baking today. Should be exciting.*

*And by exciting I  'omg, I actually made a cake!' rather than 'omg! Call the fire department!'
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It's almost one in the morning and I'm still wide awake. Blarg.

I looked up all the text books I need, and tomorrow I'm going to the university to get my new bus pass sticker thingie and buy books (hopefully the stores will be open *crosses fingers*)

Um. What else? I've decided that as long as I'm not going to be sleeping I might as well try and do something useful, hence research ect.

I'm also taking commissions for knitting projects. There are a bunch of pictures of some recent things I've made behind the cut, along with descriptions and explanations. I designed almost everything (exceptions will be noted) and created the patterns from scratch, some of them from photographs.

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So. Some random woman on the bus told me she had a neighbour who looks like me, has the same name as me, lives in the same general area as me and is an engineer. Weird.

I'm this close to being done my tailcoat. I still need to finish my other stocking (hopefully by the long weekend), a corset which I haven't even gotten fabric for yet (hopefully by con) and the mini top hat. Which I also don't have fabric or really a clue about how to make it. Yeah, the next couple weeks will be fun -_-*

Um. I had stuff to say, I think. Maybe.

I'm going to go sew now.


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