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You know what's awesome? My Little Pony Tales is awesome!

You know what's even more awesome? My Little Ponies rollerskating!
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You guyz! Tanya Huff is gonna be at ConVersion! Looks like I'll be going after all =/ 
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Two people came into my store today. Then it started hailing fifteen minutes before my shift was over. Then I scurried to the bus stop in the pouring rain and came home.

Also, my brother and I have decided that to become a doctor in Startrekland you only need, like, a six week course where they give you a tricorder and teach you how to turn on a flashlight and where to point it. Therefore Startrekland doctors are low paid lackies who everyone makes fun of-- the equivalent of English majors. This would be why Bones was so frustrated all the time.
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Today was one of those days that reminded me why I still bother going to class. Though this is unlikely to appear on the test, it will live on forever in my memories as one of the coolest things about the Roman era.

They farmed mice.

Also, I now know how much purple silk would've cost back then.

I'm now going to have to write a story about a Roman mice farmer.

That is all.
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 Creative studying methods or procrastination? You be the judge

Idea stolen from [profile] ironychan
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Last night was my brother's 18th birthday, and since my mom wasn't up to going out the tast of taking Jonathan to a bar and buying him a drink fell to me. It was a nice night, although we had to go to three different bars before we found one that was a) open and b) adhered to the no-smoking laws. It was a nice night, and, surprisingly, my brother actually is a lightweight. After two rum and cokes he was a little tipsy and we had a fun conversation, talking about our girlfriends and stuff. There was no one else in the bar, so the staff also got to hear about our girlfriends and stuff as there wasn't much noise to mask it. Ah, well.

Muggle Ball tomorrow! Muggle Ball tomorrow!

And then working my ass off on school stuff. Oh the joy.

My dad and Susan and my brother and Jess are probably all going to the muggle ball and my dad was like 'oh, another tripple date? Or are we just all happening to be in the same place?' to which I shrugged. Anyway, the timer is giong and it's lunch time.


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