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You know what's awesome? My Little Pony Tales is awesome!

You know what's even more awesome? My Little Ponies rollerskating!
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I've found someone to do Sunday for me. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope Kenny can take Saturday.
Pop tarts are yummy. But I want chocolate.
Boleros are stupid. It took me hours just to do a couple little seams. Sigh.
I still don't know what I'm gonna wear to con, especially the slave auction. I wanna go all vampy, but I don't wanna have to haul Camilla around (especially in the summer). But there's no point in dressing vampirish if I don't have Camilla. Plus people would probably pay just to touch it, let alone have me as their slave for a couple hours. I think I'm gonna wear the pirate costume for Friday night though.
I've also been stretching. I wanna win the limbo contest.
Oh, so my brother and I talked on the phone for like an hour tonight. I really need to go home. But we came up with THE BEST IDEA EVER!
We would take the game of life and... alter it *meniacle laughter* Somewhere after the 'get married' square would be a 'get divorced' square shortly followed by a 'custody battle' square with a 'fit of depression' square after that. And somewhere on the board would be a 'you get hit by a bus and die. YOU LOSE!' square. And for careers we'd have such things as Ambulance Chasers, Mobsters and Strippers. And fun houses like the-apartment-that's-over-a-bowling-ally-and-under-another-bowling-ally. Of course there would be some normal squares- "write a book, pick up a life chip" "have kids!" ect. And the "Cheat on your spous" square. Oh, the joy. Oh, the rapture. I'm really looking forward to making this game.
I also have to find time for a Firefly marathon before con. Because I haven't seen it and I don't want all the other geeks to think I'm just a poser geek. It's bad enough that I don't play D&D and can't fix computers.
My tendonitis hates me.
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And still functioning! Yesterday I:
- went shopping with Sade
- Made supper, cookies and daqueries, all of which turned out even though I didn't really follow any recipes.
- Watched Benny and Joon
- Finished my dress
And today (so far) I:
- cut out the pieces for my bolero
- started sewing it together
- checked stuff for school 
- checked the ConVersion webpage

And concerning Con- OMG I wanna go! I'm actually thinking about trying to get Saturday and Sunday off so I can go. For full details go here. But how can I go to work when there are cool things to do and see like:
- Alternate history
- "It was a dark and stormy night" Bedtime stories by IFWA
- star wars costuming
- building a lightsaber
- lightsaber demo
- vintage radio plays 
- genetics of X-men
- film making from scratch
- IFWA short story contest
- Open Filk
- Costume contest
- slave auction
- dance
- Joss Weedon is my Master Now
- Severus Snape: Hero or Villain? (!!!!!!!)
- Farscape II: Leather pants
- End of the world I: Plagues
- End of the world II: I'm not dead yet
- Calgary furry fandom: building a fur suit
- Tapestry, Tapestry, Eunuch: when description goes too far
- Harry Potter Jeporday

OH MY GOD! I have to go. Will inquire about getting needed days off tomorrow. Or, like, now. I have the phone list. 
AHHHHH! *freaks out* And that stuff isn't even half of what's being offered. And if I get off my ass and buy a pass now it's only $35!
Excuse me while I go call Shanna and beg her to work for me.

EDIT: OMG there's a student discount! It's only $25 *dies* I'm definitely not working that weekend.


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