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And no, I'm not ranting about something I read. I just started my Janeway/Seven Voyager fic and it is SO BAD. SOBAD! Why am I writing it? I'm not exactly familiar with Voyager, my technobabble capabilities are severely lacking and OH MY GOD it's so bad!
And yet I continue to work on it.
Maybe I will just randomly make them have wild monkey sex. Much easier than writing something that actually sort of has a plot.
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I have at least two hours alone in the house. Jo's at work (in wet pants) and Mom's at MEC (buying pants). It looks like the sun may actually be coming out so mom will probably stay longer. I could, like, walk around the house naked or something. Or even dance. Naked. If I wanted to. And though the thought is tempting I probably won't. I feel like I should do some writing. I had a flash of inspiration for the Janeway/Seven fic I'm going to write to commemorate the completion of my first year of university. But I actually know what I'm going to be writing about now, which is nice. I'm also planning to keep it PG-13ish. I know, I know, what's the point of fanfiction if hot naked sex isn't involved? I don't know, but I've been reading lower rated ones lately and in a lot of ways they're better. There's more emphasis on the characters themselves rather than their naughty bits. So, yes, writing. I should get on that. Except I'm not actually allowed to start the fic until school ends. I could study or something, but I can study when people are home too. I need to come up with something extra special to do that I can only do alone. Oh! I could sing really loud and dance around! That's always good. I like singing really loud, but generally I don't because there're people around. Hrm. May do that. Also need to figure out what I'm going to do for the Lusty Month of May challenge. I think I may just do moods again. There's no way I'll be able to write 30 separate fics in as many days without a unifing theme (other than kink, of course. Mmmm, leather). Speaking of which I should probably look at dates for the Quest for the Crop. Eep, halloween's only seven months away! Crap, I don't have any of my costume together yet. Stupid boots are all too big for my legs. I've found several pairs that would work if they weren't so loose around my calves. Another thing on my Things to Do list is an essayish thing about the symbolism in the Laberynth. I was thinking about that on the bus today and I think it would be fun. What was that thing that I didn't get but Janine and Sade did? I forget. I remember the conversation went like "Woah! I totally didn't see that!" and Sade said "Well, you did get the thing with the minotaur, so that's still pretty good." And the thing I didn't get was really obvious. But I can't remember. I should also write up that paper about my philosophy of the Great Author. And put CDs on hold from the library and start compiling my trip CD. I've got tons of ideas, I just need to get my hands on the appropriat CDs. Anyway, I'm going to go sing and do naked yoga or something. Tata!
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I'm sitting on a chair that I'm pretty sure is gonna fall apart. It's all tippy and stuff. Why do I always get the broken chair? And what's more I got here too late to sit at my normal spot (with a chair that doesn't suck) that has a doodle of the anotomically correct Grrr Argggh guy. I miss him. I need to like, trace him onto my sheet of paper of stuff to keep form my first year of uni. The sheet is mostly just TLFs that I either wrote or thought were about me. Including the epic ship war that lasted for like, six weeks.



I read this awesome fanfic a while ago that was Remus/Lockhart, but Remus got obliviated in the end. That bastard Lockhart. Anyway, my religion prof is talking about pizza.

I want chocolat.

It's spring out! Yay! Oh, and I ran into Micheala today and (as usual) she was on her way somewhere, but we chatted for a few minutes. She actually gave me an interesting prespective on some stuff, so it was good.

Mrmph. My neck is sore. And two of my nails broke. But that's ok! All the papers that are due this week are finished! I still have to get my humanities paper writen, but I'm not super worried about it.

Oh, and what're some things that you need to make sock puppets? I think I've thought of pretty much anything, but if you've got some obscure tid-bits you like to include in your sock puppet making fun please share.
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Ahhhhhh! Two weeks until exams!!!! 13 1/2 days!

I've got all my post-exam activities planned out too:
-Find a Job

I've got sooo many writing projects planned for after exams. Immediatly after exams I'm expanding into the Star Trek: Voyager fandom, as well as my first serious attempt at femmeslash (Seven + Janeway = OTP). I've been watching Voyager lately and there is some serious subtext going on there. I'm not kidding. Everyone keeps going on about their "Special Bond" and stuff. So it's totally canon. Yep.

Also planning to give [profile] lazyass_writers a firm kick in the ass, so that's another 300 words a day. And since my fanfics tend to turn into epics (the last one was over 22 000 words) I'll be writing at least 300 words a day, because I want to finish the thing by the end in April so I have time to participate in the Lusty Month of May challenge over at [community profile] pervy_werewolf. Wooo! A kinky smutfic a day for a month! My tendonitis is gonna get so pissed off at me by the end of this. But seriously, I need to get off my ass and write something. So what if most of it is fanfiction? I might find some interesting scenes to reuse for later.

And in the mean time I really have to get my Anthro paper done. Eurgh. Stupid nut people.
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Mostly because I'm bored. So, here's my day tomorrow:
9:30-10:45am English
11:00 - 1:30 figure skating show with my aunt.
2:00-3:15 Religion
3:15-4:15 getting my stupid ass library assignment done.
4:15- whenever Meeting with hot Prof. M (who still thinks my name is Carolyn) to talk about my final paper.
whenever-6:30 Finishing library assignment and general time wasteage.
6:30- 8:45 Swing dance lessons.
8:45- 9:30 waiting for the bus because Jo is working and can't drive me. And I will inevitably miss the 8:45 bus because the lessons always run long.

Oh, how I love having every minute of my day planned out before hand. Not. I wonder if I can get away with reading smut fanfiction at the library? That would be an interesting conversation if I got caught.
eighty year old librarian: what are you reading?
Me: nothing *franticly trying to close page*
eighty year old librarian: is that... fanfiction?
Me: no!
eighty year old librarian: You know, Tonks and Luna would never do that. Remus + Tonks = OTP. Duh.
Me: *dies of shame, ressurects and drops out of school and goes on to become one of the scarier crazy bums asking for change and tin cans*
Me: Remus is only seeing Tonks because she can make herself look like Sirius. Because he's not over him yet.
Me: thierloveissocanon
eighty year old librarian: so YOU'RE "A fangirl" !
Me: oh god.
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Yeah, yeah. I know I should be doing something useful. Just shut up and read it.

You must have something you want to say )

No metaphores in this one. Just an idea that wouldn't leave me alone.


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