May. 25th, 2009 08:51 am
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Ok, I've decided to attempt starting/organizing a steampunk group here in Calgary. There seems to be a lot of interest, but no one has really tried to organize it and hey, I've got lots of spare time so I figured I'd give it a shot. So, if I somehow missed inviting you on facebook, join the group! The first event is on June 13th; I'm hosting a mad tea party. The event page is here and the group's page is here. I hope to see you there!
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Ok, so for all you losers who're like 'yeah! I'd love to go swing dancing!' and then never show, here is your chance to redeem yourself:

Friday November 16

Dress up in your best swing dancing outfit and come join us for an evening of jumpin' live music!

Lesson at 8pm - suitable for everyone to attend to get some dancing ideas for the evening :)

Music at 9pm - Du-Rite Aces will entertain us with their Jump Swing tunes. (

Late night Blues - whenever the live music stops, the dance will keep on going!
We will need some DJs - let us know if you're interested.

$15 for UofC Swing Members
$20 for Non-members
Tickets will be available soon from your Exec.

Hosted by the UofC Swing Dance Club
Dress Code of Swing Outfits

Not only will you get to hear a live band, not only will you get a beginner lesson for free, not only will you get to see the fabulous dancers in the city, but you will get to see all their fancy duds too! And get to wear your own! So for all you out there with a suspender fetish ('cuz I know I'm not the only one) or a liking for girls in big skirts, here's your chance to see dozens of 'em in one night. So don't be lame! Show up to this one. And dress up. And stay for the late night blues, because honestly, a good blues dance is at least as good as, if not better than sex. And I for one love sex blues dancing.
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June events!

June 3- (tentatively) the GRAND tour of Heritage Park, lead by the illustrius and knowledgable (but mediocre speller) assistant curator.
June 7- Fake Moustache. Amature drag competition in the early show, so make damn sure you come. There's a second preformance later in the month, but I don't actually know when.
June 10- Gay pride parade and street Gala
June long weekend- RHPS
June 23- Swing dancing. Same bat time, same back place.

It's really sad, because I don't know anything else interesting that's happening, and it's PRIDE MONTH! And yet I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! CAPSLOCK OF DOOOOOOOM!!!

*cough* yeah, so if anyone can tell me what else is happening this month I'd appreciate it.


Apr. 30th, 2007 02:01 pm
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It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May!

May 3: Fake Moustache: [profile] happy_fish_87 and I are preforming for the first time and we are fabulous and awesome and you all had better show up!
May 3-10: Herland Film festival: Yeah, never actually been, but tickets are by donation so there's really no excuse not to go.
May 18: Swing!
May long weekend (20ish): Rocky Horror Picture Show
May 24-31: Fairy Tales Film Fest: Alberta's only GLBT film festival, and they have a really interesting looking line-up, I'm actually considering getting a festival pass.
May 26: Swing! (OMG two in one month!)

That's all I can really think of.
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Yeah, not a lot of people showed up, but it was still fun anyway. Hardly anyone was making song requests, so I asked for a lot of swing songs which Janine and I danced to. Then they had a contest where we had to play Simon Says and Musical chairs. I won both (yes, I'm just that talented) and everyone (Janine, Jo, my dad) were kind of amazed that not only am I capable of following directions, but I'm actually good at it. Just because I usually choose to ignore what people tell me to do doesn't mean I'm not able to ;)

Oh, and since there weren't a whole lot of people there I've decided from now on I'm going to try and pimp stuff some more. This will be completely irrelevant to anyone who doesn't live in Calgary, but oh well.

Events! )
Ok, I'm all out of stuff. Um. I'm also sleepy. I had kind of a crappy morning so around noon I decided to go have a nap and see if I could just hit 'reset' for this day, but it didn't work so now I'm procrasinating working on my paper. I'm almost half done, though. I just have to finish talking about Yde et Olive, make a quick detour to mtf cross-dressers, then talk about how cross-dressing REALLY WASN'T THAT BIG A DEAL in the middle ages, at least not for ftm. Speaking of which, I ought to work on my short story as well, but that's not due for another week.

Oh, and the snow? OMGWTFBBQ more freaking snow!


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