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My mom and I went to this solstice celebration at the aromatherapy place that's near our house. He didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up mostly listening to this guy, Gary, who runs the place, talking about energy, Mother Mary, Mary Magdelen (sp?) and Jesus, the messages they've given him, and the Age of Aquarius. December 21, 2013 is the last day of the Myan calendar, and the day when the whole world will be at peace. Anyway, he said a lot of stuff that made me roll my eyes, but I think there was something to it. I don't think everyone in the world will ever be at peace, and I don't think basing the date of such an event on the end of some ancient calendar is really valid. The Myans lived ages ago. Maybe they just decided that 2013 was a good year to stop, because really, that was a really long time in the future for them.

Then there's the whole Planetary allignment thing that will happen on that day, where all of the planets will allign. I had a dream about that a while ago. Phil and I were walking on a frozen lake and in the sky we could see the planets lining up. I'm sure that's very significant since it's the age of aquarius and aquarius = water and I was walking on a lake and so on. Don't really know why Phil was there, though.

Anyway, we did a bit of a meditation and said a few ohms (dunno how to spell that either) and drank some sacred water that Gary had mixed up as per Mary's instructions.

Then mom and I came home and decided to do a dozen rounds of Salutes to the Sun, cuz that's what you do on the solstice. Mom could only do about three, but I did all twelve. Lit some candles and so forth.

It's been a while since I've felt like I've touched something divine, but then I haven't made the effort to. I still think about going to church every now and then, just to feel communal spirituality. Or perhaps I should visit the Hare Krishna temple more often. Their meetings are in the evening, so I wouldn't have to get up early.

Oh, and in case you didn't know it's a full moon on Christmas eve.

I feel very... peaceful and calm.
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Yeah. Skipping swing again today. The thing is I always used to just hang out at school after my last class until lessons start, but since my last class ends at noon and lessons don't start 'till 6:30 it doesn't really work. So I go home, have lunch, do some homework and then nap. Then I'm too groggy and lazy to want to go to swing.

Maybe next week I'll pack a supper and go back to school at, like, four or something.

In other news I had the coolest dream last night. I was in the dinosaur park at the zoo and I was with a group of people (don't remember who) and we were being chased around by a dinosaur! It wasn't a big scary dino like a T-Rex or something, it was one of those kinda silly looking duck billed bi-pedial thingies. Anyway, it was chasing us around and we found this underground cave that was actually a parking lot for some rich person who had a lot of really nice cars. It lead to this underground mansion thing that was really super cool so we hung out there for a while.

I NEVER have dreams about dinosaurs! It was the coolest thing ever :D
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Yes! Done the rough draft of my term paper! The intro and conclusion suck, but those can be fixed. Plus I have to go back and reference everything properly, but it's DONE!

I also had a dream where I screamed really loud for a really long time. It was refreshing-- I haven't been able to do that in real life for a long time.

This was totally worth skipping class this morning. Except now I need to find some other way of giving Carolyn her mitts.
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Last night I dreamed I was a Spartan.
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Yay! I finally got around to making a pattern for wrap pants. I'll probably sew them tonight while watching ANTM.

In other news, last night I had a couple dreams. In one I was really flexible, and I was just laying on my stomach and pulled my leg up behind me and rested my head on my foot. It was cool. The second dream was somewhat less so >.> yeah, I kinda made out with Sade. *runs* *hides* IN MY DEFENSE DREAM!ME WAS THINKING ABOUT JANINE THE WHOLE TIME! I SWEAR! AND I TOTALLY DON'T THINK ABOUT SADE THAT WAY. *buries head in sand*
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Bleh. I do not feel very well today, although it's probably more mental than physical. School is kicking my ass. Life is kicking my ass. And I really, really don't wanna go to school today. But I have to. So I will.

I also didn't want to go to the feast at the Hare Krishna temple last night, but I did anyway. I feel more confident about writing my story now. And it was cool, there was chanting and a little dancing and the food was pretty good. Everyone there was east Indian, so we couldn't have been more obvious about being n00bs if we'd had it stamped across our foreheads (by we I mean my mom, Sade and I). The priest guy also gave us each the Hare Krishna equivalent of a bible. It has pretty pictures in it. There's a big festival this Saturday and Sade said she wanted to go, and I asked Janine and she said we could go before swing. I like it, I guess. I'm just not really enthusiastic about much at the moment. In a couple days I'm sure I'll be more excited.

I'm actually thinking I should go do the meditation thing instead of skate today, but I really, really should skate. I only went once last week and I'm testing this month -_-*

Um. Swing Tuesday, ANTM Wendsday, Fake Moustache Thursday, Hare Krishna festival and swing on Saturday. I should be more excited.

Oh, I also had a dream I could unicycle and do half turns and stuff. On grass. It was cool. I also had a bad dream right before I woke up though, and that wasn't so cool.
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So. I had this dream where my mom, brother and I were on a train. And suddenly a bullet went through a window a few seats back and I was absolutely terrified and I thought I saw my mom get shot. Later my brother and I were wandering around the train station because we didn't know what else to do and I ran into Stephany and she was all like 'what's wrong?' and I told her that I thought my mom had been shot and started crying and stuff. At this point Jonathan was no longer with me. Then I looked up and saw my mom and she was fine so I ran over and hugged her and cried.



Dec. 16th, 2006 10:58 am
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I've had some vivid dreams the last couple nights.

Last night I went job hunting (in my Heritage Park clothes, for some reason) and the first place I walked into and asked if I was hiring immediatly stuck me behind the counter and told me to get to work. It was in this crazy import store type thing, that sold the normal jewellery and sarongs and stuff, as well as giant shoes and jackets. Dream me decided those were probably suppose to be wall hangings or something. And I was also very amused to see that employee uniforms were very colourful, in a rainbow pattern XD. The fun thing about that dream that, aside from the giant jackets, it probably isn't all that far fetched.

I need to get a job.

Anyway, the dream I had the night before last was somewhat less fun. I was in a hotel, and I was waiting for people to get there (I was hosting a swing party) so the door was unlocked. Then this guy came in. Very well dressed, tidy hair, not really threatening at all. He said that I had to go with him and that he was abducting me. The odd thing is he didn't have any weapons that I could see: no gun, no knife. But I was completely terrified and did what he told me to anyway. Then he asked why I wasn't trying to fight back and I said I didn't want him to hurt/rape/kill me and he just laughed and said he'd do all that later. Then we left. Then I think I woke up and I was kinda scared to go back to sleep at first.

So, it'll be interesting to see what I dream about tonight. I need to clean the basement, but Tessa said she might come over earlier than everyone else and help me clean. The basement doesn't look that bad. doubtless it'll be full of Jo's used dishes and his stuff, but from what I saw when I went down there yesterday it wasn't a total sty.

Oh, and because I was feeling all down despite all my free time I got a trashy romance to read and make me feel better. The cover has been ripped off, which I find quite dissapointing, but still. I am enjoying it emensly. It's called "The Rope Dancer" and takes place in some nebulous 'middle ages.' They mention King Henry. But they fail to say which one, so really it could be just about any time. Anyway, it's about a 'ropedancer' (which I think is the "Medieval" named for a tight-rope-walker and a bard. And there's a dwarf, who I actually kinda like so much I want Carys to end up with him instead. That would be an interesting twist. But the dwarf is all sad because his village got burned to the ground and his family and stuff were killed.

Quite tragic, really.

And I'm a hundred pages in and they still haven't so much as kissed >:(

And I think I've caught a cold.


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