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I'm almost done my steampunk costume:

More on my DA.

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I think I want a pince-nez for my steampunk costume. I also want a giant hat with flowers and stuff on it. I want to buy fabric and get stuff done. Stupid economy and no jobs. I've also decided that my steampunk persona is a poet because poets are crazy and would probably hang out with sky pirates and stuff, which is what the majority of steampunkers seem to be.

Also, Dale the Birthday Guy just emailed me, asking me to go to the Glenbow with him. I said yes and we're setting up a time now.

EDIT: Thanks to ebay and my mom I now have a pince-nez! Woohoo. Now I just have to wait for it to ship.
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And it looks awesome! I can barely breath or bend over or do much of anything (hello, 23.5 inch waist!) but it looks awesome, and that's all that matters. Now I just need to find something to lace it up with that's a better colour than the bright white skate lace I'm using now.

Up next: bustle! But first, I need to find my mom and get her to unlace me so I can get something to eat.

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Today was a lazy day. I had a really excellent nap, and I did a bit of knitting. And by a bit I mean I started a legwarmer and am now about half finished.
Mah legwarmer )
And now I'm watching Sense and Sensibility. The Regency era puzzles me. How do you go from giant paniers and stuff, to a glorified nightie, and then back to huge, elaborate skirts? I don't get it.

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I'm considering making a steampunk outfit for con.

crappy sketch )

I dunno, though. I really do want to make a Tudor dress at some point. The idea behind this is that it wouldn't take very much fabric or time. Then I worked out approximately how much fabric I thought it would take which is waaaay too much for a little project like this. I'm trying to justify it by saying I want a bustle anyway, but it would have to be a very short bustle and if/when I make a Victorian dress I'll probably want a longer one.

I'm assuming that the bustle will take about 2 yds, the underskirt 2 1/2 yds, the drape 1 1/2yds, the jacket 3 yds, the chemise 2 1/2 yds and the spats 1yd, which comes to a whopping 13 yds. Way, way too much. Plus I really ought to have a very ruffle-tastic petticoat. Although now that I'm looking at patterns, it looks like I can make a pretty big bustle with only one yd. It looks like it'd be longer than knee length, tough, so I'd have to make a smaller one. I'm looking at buying this pattern because it has so many options, but the person who reviewed it said it fits larger ladies better. I'm sure I could mess around with it and fix it. So maybe bustle: 1 yd, underskirt: 1 1/2 yd, drape: 1 yd, jacket: 3 yds, chemise: 2 1/2 yds, spats: 1 yd + petticoat. That's still at least 10 yds. Eeek. Although I would make the jacket last and maybe not at all so that's only 7 yds + petticoat. Then there's the notions: tubing or steel for the bustle, yards of lace and ribbon and twill tape (actually, I probably have enough twill tape in my stash), the jewellery (which I would make myself because I'm a crazy person. Where do you get cameos for jewelery making anyway?). I'll have to figure out how to make hats and find stuff to adorn it with. Ugh. I dunno.

I think I'm going to start on the corset soon anyway because I've been meaning to make that for over a year. And maybe I'll go to Value Villiage and see if I can find some old sheets on the cheap for the bustle/petticoat, or a big skirt that I could alter/salvage the fabric from. I can't say I like the idea of using someone else's bedding as my underpinnings, but this project is one that has to be made on the cheap or not at all. Which means if I want it to be of decent quality I have to get started soon.*

So, any thoughts? For the people who've been to ConVersion do you think this is costume contest winning material? For some reason I feel really weird making a non-historically accurate costume. As if making historically accurate stuff isn't a waste of time/ressources. And by waste I mean time and money that could be spent on everyday clothes so I'd look fabulous all the time, rather just a couple times a year when I'm in costume. I don't think costuming is a useless activity, but I know my skills could be used in service of things that are much more useful.

On the other hand, it is really nice to be able to let my creativity loose and see what I can come up with without the constraints of historical accuracy.

*there's a saying among artisans that you can have at most two of the three things: cheap, good and fast. I usually try to go for the first two.

EDIT: ok, I found a bedsheet I can use for the bustle and petticoat. It even has kinda nice lace on it. Guess I ought to buy a pattern O.o (My mom seems to think this, like most of my costumes, is a complete waste of time and I should be making everyday clothes. But she is marginally in favour of this one because it will take much less fabric than most of my projects do).

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Today Tessa and I attempted to go bouldering. Tess was too afraid to go on the wall, and I tried but the best I could do was just hang there. We decided to go on the treadmills instead. Then she came over for supper, and I came up with THE BEST idea for Halloween costumes! We're going to be Amazons! It will be amazing. And sexy. And mostly amazing. Tessa is six feet tall, has wild curly/frizzy waist length hair and is quite strong. She'll make a better amazon than me (5'9 and skinny like a twig), but hey, it'll still be cool.

I'm so excited! The best part is everyone pretty much agrees that Amazons are mythical, which means we have total creative control. Most of my costumes are historical, so I'm always worried about keeping it correct, but with Amazons there is no correct. BWAHAHAHAHA!
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Ahoy maties! After long last I have good pictures of my mourning gown. Go look at them or I'll buckle your swash so hard your grandchildren will be born landlubbers.


Aug. 17th, 2008 01:35 pm
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My cold has come back with a vengence, so I think point form is about all I can manage:

- Dress!
- [profile] ironychan + friends + steampunk = awesome!
- slaves!
- I got batman's signature and I danced with him!
- Brian from Edge Fantasy wanted my contact info because they're thinking about doing photographs for some upcoming covers and they need costumers!
- I won the costume contest in the novice category, and was informed I'm never, ever allowed to enter as a novice again.
- I nearly gave the costume contest lady a heart attack.
- pineapple sacrifice!
- kilt + leafblower = awesome/OH GOD MY EYES!!!!!!

I feel so crappy right now. Blech.
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You guys?

Now onto the gown itself!
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Finally done my chemise! And I'm wearing the corset I made a while ago too.

There are a bunch more pictures at on my deviant art gallery
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Ok, three visits to the chiro later and I'm feeling much better :) my back still gets all achey and sore if I have to sit or stand for too long, but then I just lie down for a few minutes and it hurts less.

My brother is a big, fat, stupid-head and smells like poo. He's also looking over my shoulder and eating a cookie.

I also smell kind of like toothpaste from this stuff my chiro put on my neck. Mmmm, mmm minty freshness! The monkey who claims to be my brother says it smells like rootbeer. My mom says it smells like Pepto.

The monkey who claims to be my brother also just stole my pirate hat D; But I got it back. I also FINALLY saw POTC3. Our costumes were fabulous, but sadly the movie was not. But this is all old news to you folks.
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So there's a bbq going on tonight and my aunt and uncle invited over some more suburban couples and the women are in the kitchen talking about paint and the men are outside talking about manly things (no doubt they censor themselves when I'm around, so there's no telling what they're talking about. Probably women who aren't their wives and beer). And I am hiding in my room. I might venture down later for some dessert. We'll see.
So I'm getting all frustrated with Poly. I'm really starting to not suck. I can go at least ten feet before I fall off and am seriously running out of room on the patio. BUT I can't steer -_-* I also can't figure out how to get on without holding onto something. These are both important skills, methinks. It really is annoying though because I feel like I'm so close to actually being competent at it. But it's not going to do me a lot of good being able to stay on if I can't get on in the first place or decide where I'm going to go. Sigh. I should go ask the people on [profile] onewheel and maybe someone will give me some pointers. Stupid Unipsychos with thier stupid not working forum. That's the local unicycling club, but I'm gussing they're no longer a club. The site hasn't been updated in ages and the forum isn't there. Once again: sigh.
On the bright side Tessa's back! Yayayayayayayay! but her phone doesn't work so she can't call me ;_; oh well.
Hmm. Did anything exciting happen today? Don't think so. Saw Dean (one of my bosses) in costume for the first time today. That was so (not) thrilling.
I'm ready for bed now. Too bad it's only 6:48 pm.
Yay! Pirates of the Carribean on Friday! I'm still debating whether or not to do my hair in a bunch of little braids (so they'd be like dreds). Last time I did it it took about three hours. Which is a long time. And my costume is totally lame anyway so I don't know if I want to go to the trouble. I'm already going to be wearing the hooker boots (which take a million years to lace up) and my corset (which also takes a million years to lace up) and yes, I'm perfectly aware that pirates didn't wear corsets. Shup up. I'm being like... a pirate that doubles as a wench/hooker or something. Janine has the actual pirate costume covered. I can be the stupid "sexy" *cough* pirate that would never survive on the high seas. (Is there such a thing as the low seas?)
In conclusion: my cousins ate the rest of the birthday cake and now there's none for me :(


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