Aug. 17th, 2008 01:35 pm
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My cold has come back with a vengence, so I think point form is about all I can manage:

- Dress!
- [profile] ironychan + friends + steampunk = awesome!
- slaves!
- I got batman's signature and I danced with him!
- Brian from Edge Fantasy wanted my contact info because they're thinking about doing photographs for some upcoming covers and they need costumers!
- I won the costume contest in the novice category, and was informed I'm never, ever allowed to enter as a novice again.
- I nearly gave the costume contest lady a heart attack.
- pineapple sacrifice!
- kilt + leafblower = awesome/OH GOD MY EYES!!!!!!

I feel so crappy right now. Blech.
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So. Some random woman on the bus told me she had a neighbour who looks like me, has the same name as me, lives in the same general area as me and is an engineer. Weird.

I'm this close to being done my tailcoat. I still need to finish my other stocking (hopefully by the long weekend), a corset which I haven't even gotten fabric for yet (hopefully by con) and the mini top hat. Which I also don't have fabric or really a clue about how to make it. Yeah, the next couple weeks will be fun -_-*

Um. I had stuff to say, I think. Maybe.

I'm going to go sew now.
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Ok, I finally got off my ass and made a reservation. I told the lady on the phone there would be two people staying in the room, but if anyone else wants to join Jasper and I (and split the cost, of course) you're very welcome to do so. And Jasper and I have no intention on engaging in any sort of naked fun that weekend, so you don't have to worry about that if you want to share. The room is booked for the 18th, check-in time is 3:00pm (I was hoping it would be earlier, but what can you do?) and it'll be $119.00 plus taxes and stuff. And all we get is one queen bed, so it might be a tight squeeze to get anyone else in there, but I'm sure we could manage, we're all friendly :)

So, if you wanna share our room let me know.
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And still functioning! Yesterday I:
- went shopping with Sade
- Made supper, cookies and daqueries, all of which turned out even though I didn't really follow any recipes.
- Watched Benny and Joon
- Finished my dress
And today (so far) I:
- cut out the pieces for my bolero
- started sewing it together
- checked stuff for school 
- checked the ConVersion webpage

And concerning Con- OMG I wanna go! I'm actually thinking about trying to get Saturday and Sunday off so I can go. For full details go here. But how can I go to work when there are cool things to do and see like:
- Alternate history
- "It was a dark and stormy night" Bedtime stories by IFWA
- star wars costuming
- building a lightsaber
- lightsaber demo
- vintage radio plays 
- genetics of X-men
- film making from scratch
- IFWA short story contest
- Open Filk
- Costume contest
- slave auction
- dance
- Joss Weedon is my Master Now
- Severus Snape: Hero or Villain? (!!!!!!!)
- Farscape II: Leather pants
- End of the world I: Plagues
- End of the world II: I'm not dead yet
- Calgary furry fandom: building a fur suit
- Tapestry, Tapestry, Eunuch: when description goes too far
- Harry Potter Jeporday

OH MY GOD! I have to go. Will inquire about getting needed days off tomorrow. Or, like, now. I have the phone list. 
AHHHHH! *freaks out* And that stuff isn't even half of what's being offered. And if I get off my ass and buy a pass now it's only $35!
Excuse me while I go call Shanna and beg her to work for me.

EDIT: OMG there's a student discount! It's only $25 *dies* I'm definitely not working that weekend.


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