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Birthdate:Feb 3
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Most of the time I can be found hunched over my sewing machine, on my computer or at the circus school or gym.

I can't promise the content is all appropriate for children/prudes/my parents, not that I post naked pictures or anything (usually >.>), but I do talk about adultish things from time to time so travelers ye be warned. I also post pictures of my projects periodically. I handspin, knit, sew, tat lace, weave, weave rope and sometimes do a little embroidery; the fruits of my labour can be seen on my DA pages.I have other hobbies including swing dancing and various circus arts (which I talk about a lot.

I've been keeping a lot of stuff friends locked lately, but if you leave me a comment, introduce yourself and don't appear to be overly creepy I'll probably friend you back.

And if the only reason why you're here is the hope of reading adultish things go check out my writing journal [info]girlnamedgabby it's friends only, but if I know you or get a good vibe off you I'll let you in.

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