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 After hours of exhaustive research (read: one or two google searches) I have been unable to find pictures of steamy unicycles. I've found a couple of monowheels, but those aren't really the same. Can it be that no one has made one yet? Maybe there's a good reason for that... nah!

I'm trying to come up with ways to steamify a uni, but so far the only things I would be capable doing with the help available to me would be to give it a paintjob and make leather covers for the seat and grips on the handlebars. I'd probably paint the peddles and bumpers on the saddle as well, even though that would wear off really quickly. Throw a bugle horn on the handblars, maybe get a head and tail light and paint the casings to look like brass. Someone with a better understanding of mechanics than me might be able to make pistons that attach to the peddles/cranks, which would be cool but I would be afraid of them getting in the way and catching on clothing. Even if they worked they'd add a lot of extra weight, which wouldn't be idea. I also thought of sticking gears onto the forks, but I'd still be concerned about the teeth of the gears catching on my clothes. I think it would be cool to have a set of pennyfarthing style handlebars made and attached somehow, but I don't know how to do that and I don't think I know anybody who can, which would probably mean paying somebody big bucks to do it for me. Plus pennyfarthing handlebars look like they'd trap your legs and make it hard to bail. Also, how to make reflectors more steamy? Peddles usually come with them built in, and I'd want to put one or two on the wheel for safety. 

If I were to steamify a unicycle I would be riding it a lot, so I'd like to avoid making it anymore impractical then it already is. And whatever I add has to be able to survive multiple UPDs. Ideas? 

(I think I'll probably get this 29, with a touring handle and brakes).

Also, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Tolerable Festivus ect. ect. 

EDIT: TUBES! Long, clear plastic tubes with brightly coloured fluid (glow in the dark?) in them, looped around the frame! With a box with gears on/in it under the seat, where the tubes attach! That'd be cool, lightweight and if I do it right, easy to take off so I wouldn't have to leave it there all the time.
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