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A few days ago my mom and I were grocery shopping and we came across this:

Naturally we had to buy it. Once my mom looked it up in her weird fruits and veggies book, and it said you had to peel it and get ALL the white stuff off. It also said the rind was quite thick, so I decided to use a knife to help me. I carefully cut around the top, sort of like a pumpkin, and didn't see any fruit. So I cut a little deeper, still no fruit. I cut and cut and cut until...

...the top came off. Still no fruit. So I tried cutting a little deeper.

Success at last! When they said the rind was thick, they obviously meant it. So I set about peeling the rest.

It was around this time when I looked at the clock and realized this was becoming a serious time commitment, but I pressed on and eventually released the fruit inside:

It was similar to an orange or grapefruit, just larger and with a lot of white stuff.

The weird fruits and vegitables book said that you not only had to get rid of all the white stuff, but you had to peel the membrane off as well. So I got to work. At this point I was starting to whine and complain about how long it was taking, so my mom helped with this part. In the end we had a giant pile of citrusy fruit (that takes like a grapefruit but less sour and more crunchy) and an even bigger pile of rind.

Apparently people who live where these things grow use it primarily for the rind and make marmalade out of it, which makes sense because that was way too much work, even though I did get quite a bit of fruit from it. It was tasty, though, and I still have some.

And as a special bonus picture:

Sadly, you can't really see the sparklyness very well in this picture. It shows up a lot better in natural light, but even then I doubt it would photograph well.

Date: 2009-10-23 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Pretty unicycle!

Thanks for the fruit pictures - I will have to buy one! Yum!


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