Mar. 19th, 2009

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Had an awesome time dancing today, as usual. We did more work on our partner dance, and I think I figured out why I find dancing with a partner so much easier in that class than dancing by myself or in a group or whatever. I'm used to dancing with a partner, and it feels good and right and comfortable. This all makes me feel much more confident, and I don't worry as much about remembering the steps or looking good or whatever. And apparently as soon as I stop worrying it just comes naturally.

(In my very unbiased opinion my partner and I are the best at the routine. I am SO GRATEFUL I ended up with him. Seriously. I think I'd still enjoy it if I was with some clueless girl, but I'm enjoying it a lot more with him. Plus our lift is awesome, as well as our octopus.)

Knowing what makes the difference doesn't really help with my large group dancing because my confidence comes from experience, and there's no way to get years of experience without experiencing something for years, so I'll just struggle along and do my best and try to at least pretend to be confident. 

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my dance group to do some more choreographing and practicing. Then I have to race over to poetry right after, then home to gussy up for swing (live band, woohoo! Fabulous dress, woohoo! New nail polish, woohoo!). 

I think I might be becomming a Dancer (with a capital D). This week I'll spend at least 8 hours dancing, between swing and jazz class. Probably more, if I stay late with swing. I'll probably have the energy for it, since thanks to all of my excessive dancing my stamina is really good. Anyway, dancing makes me happy, and I like being happy. I'll miss jazz class when the semester ends.


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